Saturday, February 27, 2016

Our Beautiful Violinist!

 So proud of our fav. musician!  She did wonderfully at her concert today.  She played Bouree (sp?)  with her group and played as beautifully as ever :)  It was her first time playing the new"old"violin in a concert and Nina would have been proud!
 On stage with her class.  Probably the poorest quality picture ever...sorry. One of these days we will get our computer back in order and I can download good pics!  For now this is better than nothing!
 Can you spot her?  These are not all kids in her group, but they combined for the concert.  I must say that she needs to be in the next group up. Some of the kids in this group are not book 4 (or even 3) quality.  But I guess I am not in charge so it's not my business, but I do pay a hefty violin bill so I feel I can spout at the mouth about it on the blog. :)
 Also a poor quality pic (the lighting in this hall stinks!), but look who crawled on my lap during Shelb's group piece and told me "I don't feel so good" and fell asleep.  zzzz...he had had a long day!
 Such a beauty!
 Sue Sue came with us. So glad to have family in town to share special events with us.  Love Sue Sue!
 I missed the shot of her doing the Audrey Hepburn...but she did it well :)
 Sue Sue was so sweet and gave her a bunch of goodies...a beautiful violin necklace...and cool purple violin shirt (which she is wearing right now!) and PEEPS!  She knows Shelb well! :)
 We gave her a couple things too...nothing fancy...but I know she felt loved and special :)
 Us with our girl...hard to believe she has been around almost 12 years.  Wow. 
 Awesome Violinist eating an awesome Steakburger!  Yumm!
 Ignore that crazy in the middle...she was in rare form!  This place was hopping...but the food was delicious especially at 8 at night. We were starving and the food (especially the shakes!) hit the spot!  Thanks, Nina and Poppy Stegs for this awesome Christmas gift (gift cards!).  Between this and D's bday they are all used up!  We love "kids eat free" weekends!
We missed our Hays though...celebrations are not the same w/o her.  In a month she will be here....and we will be celebrating her! :) 

Yay for a lovely musical afternoon and our gifted violinist.  Love that Shelby girl and love to hear her play her new/old instrument!

Now onto our day off....yay for Sunday...our day of rest :)

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Nancy Gritter said...

Yippee Shelby! Way to go on your violin concert! You look beautiful and I bet you played great!! I cant wait to hear you play your NEW violin! :):) Mmmmm, I bet Steak and Shake tasted awesome! Love Ya, Nina