Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The gloom of February is back :(

 What a dismal day.  I know Feb. is supposed to be like this, but I thought we were nearing spring and those gloomy days were done.  Not so.  I could have slept all day today. It was just one of those days where I could not wake up and could not warm up!  I was freezing.  Ugh.  Sometimes I wonder how I survive here. My blood is tropical not arctic.  Anyway....I digress.  Here's a few pics of our not-so-exciting day.  Can you tell we still have too many Nerf-related things laying around.  I think Lo destroys about 10 darts a day so at this rate, we should be dart-free by March! :)  The Mystery Machine is a great dart storage area!
 Back to the library. We were not going to go but our playdate with friends got canceled, so off we went to Story Hour Extravaganza!  I love how he has to check his own books and DVDs out.  He's such a big kid.
 There was a new kid at the train table. Lo was ok with him, but his mom was getting on his nerves.  She kept messing with what Lo was doing.  He likes to get trains purposely stuck on the tracks and she kept helping him.  He was annoyed, but tried to be polite :)  This is one of his glares :)
 Attempting to be shy in the auditorium.  It didn't last long. He actually liked story hour. It was the first time this school year.  Last time he went was in Dec, and we almost left bc he was just too antsy pantsy.  I guess two months of maturity helps!
 LOL...he LOVED this book they read (or rather that they showed on a DVD)...he actually ran up to the stage to get it.  He was so excited.  It's a really cute book about a boy who is bored and his dad pretends to make him into a pizza :)
 Seriously, he was giddy over it. 
I love that my kiddos love the library.  I loved it too when I was their age...I still remember when my Grandma Fergie took me to get my own library card and we would go every time I was at her house and check out books and then read them in her bed.  It was the comfiest book reading place ever!
 Best part of the day...lounging at home. I was not going to be home at all today so this was a welcome surprise. Except I was so cold, I could hardly function.  brrrrr
 It was a gloomy day....rainy and gloomy...
 Then it turned to slushy snow.  Lo was laughing at me bc it was collecting on my head :)
 Snowy IU and our fav. violinist off to group class.
This is how we amuse ourselves during group class...and also probably why we have been sick for 4 weeks.  Gotta love laying on floors in public places.  It's how we get by....

Another exciting day in the Steg fam!

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