Thursday, February 11, 2016

Too much to do...

Well, this will be a quick post.  This mama needs to lay her head down on a pillow for a few hours...and she needs to STOP taking on so many things at once. Who in the world plans two birthday parties in two back-to-back weekends that also includes V-day...and other stuff like girl scout cookie booths, etc. I am crazy.  And so is the boy above...he walked all over the house today with the laundry bin on his head and would fall over after doing so.  Sue Sue witnessed it. 
Invites are done for the snow-glow-sleepover.  Not exactly what we envisioned, but for only using supplies from around our house I am ok with it.  Trying to do parties on the cheap from now on.  Parts of the invite glow in the dark :)
Happiest part of his day was snagging some icing!  Yumm!
The kid likes his sweets, that's for sure!
We had to hand deliver all her invites bc I am was not sure they would get to her friends before Saturday. Always behind on everything!
Last delivery of the day!  YAY!
Class V-tines are done!  D already delivered his bc he was not supposed to do them, so he only did his 6 best friends in his class and gave them out at lunch. 
The snowy girl with her invite.
Milo helped make pink heart pancakes tonight...he's a talented monkey!
He wanted to eat them too...but monkeys can't eat pancakes :(
A clover of hearts in honor of Hailey's bday coming up!  Ash's idea :)
My dinner...heart cheesy eggs and heart strawberries. Can you tell I am trying to come up with ideas for our Vday bfast since we will have 6 extra kids here for it!
Tired girl...grumpy girl. We were all a little grumpy tonight. Poor Hays called and either we were yelling at one kid or putting one in timeout or no one wanted to talk.  Some nights are just tough. This was one of them.  But Shelby helped me in the kitchen a bit after a long night of homework.  She's a trooper!
Enough for 14 people.  Easiest snack mix ever!  We call this one Cupid's Crunch...same as Halloween and Christmas, but you just change the name and M&M color :)
She really only helped so she could get the leftover chocolate :)
Teacher gifts done. D's teacher asked for that was her gift of "love" :)
Daddy was the snowflake king...he's a trooper.  I started them last night at violin, but they were supposed to be Shelb's craft. The girl has no time for anything extra.
Our working on a smaller, simpler cake (hopefully) and daddy making snowflakes, while we watch a movie. 

Tired.  That's all I can say. I look forward to the evening of Feb. 21 when I can heave a sigh of relief from busyness!

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