Saturday, February 20, 2016

We survived the Nerf War! :)

 Well, we made it through a Nerf War with 12 boys!  There were times when I thought we might not! haha  (thank goodness three were not even would have been more chaos than we could have taken!).  I think I say this every year...but I am not sure our home (even our new one) can handle another boy party.  Our one saving grace is that God smiled upon us and sent us a 65 degree day in February.  We actually had people praying for this and it was definitely an answer to prayer! ha!  Never could we have had a Nerf War in our home...I am certain there would have been things broken or walls in need of drywall.  So, thank you, Lord...that we could be (mostly) outdoors!  Here is a pic of our party war gang...minus one who came later.  They look fierce, don't they?!
Cake!  And D being goofy!  His friend, Daniel, always has to make a crazy picture faces for me. He has done this for years.  I got lucky this year and D picked the simplest cake he could find.  I almost felt a little guilty it took me so little time.  That guilt didn't last long! ha :)
Best gift of the day was from his friend, Anson...My Little Pony Underwear.  If you know her, you know she has a great sense of humor like Dylan. She is the female version of him...kinda quirky, but very cool :)  Anyway...he had the funniest reaction to them....and threw them across the room...only to be told he had real gift inside...laser tag tickets!)   The girls proceeded to wear the undies on their head as bandanas.  hee hee :)
The 10 year old in the midst of his Nerf Capture the Flag battle!
And now we are still in battle here...with 3 extras for a sleepover. There has been lots of drama and craziness and we just settled them down to watch Garfield.  One is already asleep.  Phew!  I hope I am next!  This mama is exhausted!  I am too old for parties every weekend!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Looks like a GREAT party!!! Lots of fun!! Now maybe you can chill for a bit?? :):) xo Mom