Monday, March 7, 2016

1st trip to the dentist and our busy Monday!

 Well, we jumped back into the week head first.  Mondays like this wear me out. Up and ready early to head back to the dentist.  This time for Lo and I.  When you have a family of 7 going to the dentist is a whole month adventure every 6 months, it seems!  But Lo likes it here. He is fascinated by this old choo choo that I used to have as a child.  Love it!
 He's pretty good at golf too even though he can barely reach the ball thing to play it!
 He got a little shy when it was his turn to sit in the big chair.  All he wanted to do was talk about the box that controls the chair.  He was fascinated by the lights on it and wants to know what is inside.  Had we left the room, he would have taken it apart I am sure!
 Pretending to be invisible.  No eye contact means not sitting in the dental seat hopefully!
 Would have been a cute "1st trip to the dentist" pic had mama not had a dozen chins!  Good grief :)  But at least the big boy was showing his clean pearly whites! :)  I had to sit with him the whole time while he had his teeth checked and cleaned.  I kinda figured this was how it would go. He is definitely the most mama-est boy of our clan!  But he did good even if he had to sit on my lap!
 I finally was able to sneak off the chair and let him get more comfortable.  He LOVED the baby sink.  Ash loved then when she went her 1st time too.  He was fascinated!  Not sure anyone could stare harder at a sink! lol :)
 Hours of fun!
 Success!  Perfect teeth!  We are hiding our new treasure chest toys in our shirt!
 Celebratory nachos!  Gotta get those clean pearly whites all dirty with cheese!
 He built this to show Hayeeeee how awesome a builder he is!
 A ballerina card from Nina G. in the mail...what every grandson wants! hee hee :)
 Beautiful weather out today (supposed to rain most of the rest of the week)...we played a little soccer. He's got pretty good form!
 One more time, mom!
 Might be our next soccer guy!
 The gymnastic's spectators....oh so enthused!
 She has moved up to doing flips on the balance beam. (those are here legs in the air)  Go, Ash!
 She's gained lots of good form over the last couple months.
 Gum fun!  Good ol' "Bobby" (that's Lo's name for Shelby) :)
 It was double girl scout night...Shelb went off to her meeting and Ash and I went to ours.  We played some fun friend games! hee hee
Daddy and son doing their cub scout awards organization.

Never a dull moment. Never enough hours in the day or hours to rest....sigh.

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