Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Beautiful Day, but a Bad Haircut!

 Yikes, three posts in one day.  I am on a roll!  ha!  But I am realizing if I don't post what's on my ph I fall behind!  Can't have that for Hay's sake!  She needs to keep up with our exciting lives! hee hee :)  We were up early this morning...and off to Chick-fil-a for free food!  I found out about this this weekend and was supposed to go yesterday and meet friends, but I was just too lazy and it was pouring rain and the kids were still sleeping by 9:30.  So I never made it...but daddy did get his free chicken bisquit through the drive-thru!  Today we went together and each got our free sandwich!  You can go every day between 6-10 and get one!  Yumm!  I though Lo would want to play in the play area, but he was grumpy and tired and just wanted to sit by mama :) Ok!
 It was haircut day for the Stegs.  Looking back on it, I should have waited....but Lo was looking like a sheepdog (in hindsight, I like sheepdogs better than shaved dogs!)...anyway...the girls needed trims too...
 I have not figured out the art of boy haircuts, but after today I might try again.  All looked good at this point, but that poor girl kept cutting his front to get the cow-lick tamed and it just got bad from there....ugh, ugh, ugh.
 EEK!  What happened to my little boy!?  He was happy with his lolli, but I was crying inside with his butch cut!  Yuck!  Thankfully I styled it later on and it looked a little better...but good grief.  Awful. I was looking for a nice cut for Easter...I might have to put a hat on him now!  Shelby laughed hysterically at him when he got home...and then tried to gel his hair.  Nice.
 I was the free haircutter for the girls. I really wanted to cut Ashley's super short, but I think she likes to keep it long to look like Hailey.
 I cut a few inches off both...they were nervous, but ended up liking it...Phew!  Just call us Steg-Clips, which today did better than Great Clips!
 A big handful of hair. and two shorter-haired girls..you might not know this about Shelb, but she has VERY thick hair. I wish I had that!
 Then off to the park to play and meet friends...can you spot Shelb helping Lo? 
 I almost don't recognize him...he looks like he's going into the military with the cut.
 We went hiking by the waterfall...I wouldn't let Lo go down, but the others did (can you see Shelb going down?)

 Lo really wanted to go down there, but I didn't want him or I to get muddy...and D just wanted to leave.  He was tired of this!
 We distracted Lo by having him find sticks with his bud, Wes.
 I laughed bc now he actually looks like Wes with his new cut.  Dylan actually has been calling him Wes all night...they did have fun blowing bubbles!
And rinsing off in the creek.

A fun day and gorgeous weather...but I wish I could undo that haircut.  I hope it grows out fast...like by Easter!

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