Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A beautiful day...and a fun field trip

 What a gorgeous day today...70s and sun and just perfect.  And it just so happened that Shelby had a field trip to Leonard Springs with her class.  This was supposed to happen in the fall, but it rained....so this was the make-up day.  Perfect day!  These pics are going to be all out of order...no idea why that happened this time.  Anyway...the above pic is as we were leaving the field trip...her friend took a pic of her with her polaroid camera.  Apparently these are back in style and all the rage.  She overexposed it, but it was still a cute pic!  She loved it!
 Her and her bestie in the cave.  Cool!
 Lo spent day with daddy...not sure what they did (aside from go to the playground), but it wore the kid out!  So thankful my hubby has a flexible job where he can work from home sometimes.
 Upwards awards night!  Lo was all smiles when I told him if he was good, he would get a fruit snack!  Incentive/bribery!
 This kid loved bball season. His coaches were great.  He learned a lot and he got a free basketball!
 Pancakes for dinner...and apparently it was National Pancake Day too...perfect!
 Ok, here's the first pic of the day....arriving at the park...yes, she loves to give me "the look" :)  The "Please don't take my pic all day" look :)
The group...and one trying to ignore me :)
Cute pic of the girls by the waterfall. It was so pretty out here!  Never been to this park before.
Me and my girl!
Seriously...cutest bunny ever! 
And Shelb got to hold a snake.  She has always been our outdoorsy one!

A great day...but a busy one. This mama is tired beyond measure.  More tomorrow....

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