Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A busy Wed. with our Hays...

 Well, I think Hays is lovin' joining our world again.  She gets to be the stay-at-home-sister she has always dreamed of :)  Well, that's what we're going with at least! :)  She got to have the most exciting lunch with her littlest sis today.  Ash loved it.  I think Hays words were "that was boring".  Gotta love teenage honesty!
 How can you call this bunch "boring"? :)  I think a 10th grader fits right in with firsties :)
 We even caught a glimpse of Shelb's first day of roller skating in PE.  Now THAT is excitement!
 We then went to our second lunch...this time we ate...yummy Chipotle with daddy!
 Then we went shopping for some clothes for Hailey's two parties this weekend...we didn't have much luck...but Logan did get into a nice box of batchelorette stuff at Francescas! Just what every 3 year old boy needs!
 Out like a light, but not at all relaxed....poor kid.
 I did get to go to Kroger all my my lonesome self while Hays babysat a sleeping brother...but I came home to this...oh happy boy.  Not even his Hayeee could cheer him up!
 Well, we worked on this violin solo a lot today.  We skipped strings this morning at school for it....we practiced in the van....
 ...and we finally got our chance to play it....and she did well...I was proud of her. I know it's a tough piece, but I also know she'll be awesome playing it in a week and a half.
Good ol' biggest sis was on violin duty too...we need her around more often!
And we finished the evening with a red carpet celebration for Hays.  I am not sure Hays was amused but her sibs had fun :)  More pics to come another day....I need some zzzz's.

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Nancy Gritter said...

Man, I sure missed that program the kids did for Hailey! You know how much I LOVE those programs! Looks like a busy and fun day and NOTHING like being in NYC for ol Hays! :) Nina