Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Green 16th Celebration with Sue Sue

 Well, this day has been all backwards and that is how this post is going too...all out of order.  So I guess we'll start with our evening....we had a wonderful "green" celebration with Sue Sue in honor of Hailey's Sweet Sixteen.  It was delicious!
 Ash's menu says it wasn't as green as I was planning, but everything had green in it so that counts for something.
 Our post dinner show...Shelb playing her solo. 
 I love this violinist no matter how non-focused she is :)
 A 16th bday treat masterpiece!  Bye bye cakes and hello ice cream sandwich cake that too my 5 mins to make.  Yumm. It was green too--mint! 
 Blurry pics thanks to me accidentally taking video, but I love how the sibs help. 
 So cute.  They love her.
 Love these kids...and Shelb too...not sure where she was...apparently not helpful with candles :)
 Trying to make up his mind if it was yucky or not...
 This will teach her to just let me take a nice pic....otherwise you get a warped head pic :)
 I love this one...also a nice "come on, Mom" pic!
 Loved hanging with Sue Sue....she's a wonderful aunt.
 The green gang...I know they hate my photo sessions, but I treasure pics of them all...even if they are rolling their eyes at me :)
 And the beginning of our morning....poor Hays had to get early and head to the doc for a physical for Boston Ballet.  Poor Lo...he was bored and not in good spirits.
 Hays ended up not feeling well and Lo started to get worried...or he was mad about something...but he looks worried for his Hayeee...
 Lunch with bro! 
 He kept hugging and kissing him so we could get fruit snacks!
 We also ate lunch with our Shelb....she tried this uncrustable thing even though she had a pb&j in her lunch box.  She's funny.  This all coming from the girl who wouldn't eat bread a month ago. Weird.
 I had a helper at Sam's...I love him. He loves to help with the "credit cards"
 He got in trouble for zapping too many labels....poor kid.
 Awww, melts my heart....he just wanted to be with his Hayeee...
 She wasn't feeling well, but she did the laundry for us. 
 What a good daughter...I feel special having a New Yorker do my laundry.
 My green-bean-girl :)  Helping with dinner...
 The party gang...
 All set for green!
 Goofing around....
 Sharing croutons with Sue Sue.  She had to lay down the law about not eating them all...tough love.
 Thank you, Sue Sue for the awesome salad! Yummers!
 I tried something new with bread...made 4 leaf clover rolls...they actually turned out.  Most of my food ideas are a flop. 
My gang playing a game...these are the times I long for...just laid back times.  Wish we had more time for this....

That was our day...a full day....a rainy day...poor Hays is sick with either allergies or an ear infection. But we had a wonderful night celebrating with Sue Sue.  Now time for bed.

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