Thursday, March 10, 2016

A not-so-great-day

 Well, it was just one of those days for me...for us.  I woke up feeling exhausted and that just scattered my brain the whole day. I just wasn't on it like I normally am.  I could have stayed home all day and been perfectly happy.  But I don't want that to take away from the fun of the day. We did have fun.  but there was just so many other things I wanted/needed to do...and none of that got accomplished.  I hate feeling that way at the end of the day.  But here is what we did most of the day....we got to play with our two fav. guy buds!  This is good for Lo. He is learning (slowly) to share.  He loves playing ball with them!  It's so funny to see what boys migrate too...everything rough and tumble!
 I love this...Isaac was telling the boys how to use his toys...they were listening intently. It was very cute.  I love that the boys are becoming friends and will be in the same preschool class next year.  And I enjoy hanging with their mamas so it works out good.  It is our new thing to have playdates a couple times a month.
 Unfortunately while we were at our friend's house, a construction worker backed into our van. Not even sure I have the energy to deal with this. Our van is so full of scrapes already.
 I did get to see my D get a couple awards at Cub Scouts tonight. This was after Kev forgot stuff at the house and I ran all the way home to get it (did I mention church is not on the total opposite side of town)...and I forgot to mail the one thing I had in the van to mail on the way to scouts. Ugh.  And somehow I never got an email that Shelb's core group was canceled so we raced to it only to find out we could have saved ourselves 30 mins....anyway...I rant...bc I am tired :)
 And this littlest kid did not have the best day either...I think he had to poop and was tired.  That'll do it to you.  But he was craaaazy!  He was grumpy at our friend's house....and not nice a couple times.  And at cub scouts he was wild.  I always laughed (maybe frowned upon) people that let their kids run around without shoes on in public places.  We now have one of those!  Lucky us!
 Yes, he was also the one rolling around the floor!
 So proud of this kiddo!  Love this scout!
And, of course, we can't just go home after cub scouts...we have to finish our Easter clothes shopping. But I think we are done. And we went out of the box and got a color I have never done.  Hmmm.  Of course, on the way out, Lo had to drop a penny in here!

I sure hope for some rest tonight...bc the next couple days are busy.  This week has been cruddy as far as busy nights.  We need one off. I long for Saturday.  But, yay, for Spring Break being here tomorrow!  If only we were going on a warm vacation and had our Hays home!  Oh well, can't have everything! :(

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