Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Sophisticated Sweet 16 Celebration!

 Well, Hailey was blessed today by a wonderful friend.  Our friend, Debbie, whom we first met in FL (and who used to work with my mom) and now lives in Jersey, took Hailey and 2 of her ballet buds out to dinner.  Not only was it a nice dinner (the kind of dinner Hailey probably was wishing for on her actual 16th bday), but it was on Tavern on the Green!  Such a cool place to take a beautiful Sweet Sixteen year old to celebate!  Love, Debbie. She is just a cool, sweet, funny, down-to-earth lady. And I know these girls had a great time.
Looks like such a cool atmosphere inside this glass area where they ate.
 And check out this food!  Hailey got a filet (Kev was only slightly jealous!) and look at the other foods...yummy. Rack of lamb, salmon, shrimp and even truffle fries.  Divine!  My mouth was watering. I wish I could have stayed in the city til tonight just for this meal!  (Kev and I have been here right when the reopened a year ago, but we had lunch outside...this was much nicer!)
 Hailey's plate. Yummers!  This might just trump her Shake Shack meal she had on her real bday :) haha :)
 And look at the sweet lil' bday carrot cake.  Is that not adorable? And so cool with the little candle and chocolate bday wishes.  Love it!  Debbie outdid herself with a fun, but sophisticated 16th bday meal for our girl!
Her and her ballet buds, Claire (roommate) and Ally (both will be her Boston roommates this summer)...btw...our girls think Hailey looks like Elsa with her hair like this (quite a compliment, I think :))
  And here they are...the sweetest NJ lady we know and the sweetest 16 year old.  So appreciative that she did this for our girl.  It meant so much to her and her sophisticated palate :)
 And I found this pic of Hays back when she first met Debbie...I think this was at their house one Christmas in FL.  I love the looks on both their faces...both so happy.  I remember Debbie was taken with Hailey right away...and ever since she has had a special place for her in her heart...especially when she started going to SAB...she was just a quick trip over the river to see her (which she has done a few times since Hays' first summer in NYC--remember our breakfast at the Plaza!).  I love it when God sends us angels like that.  Not related by blood, but they feel like family anyway.  Debbie is that kind of person.  She has the biggest heart you will ever know and has been such an amazing support to Hailey and our family over the years.  Thank you, Sweet Debbie, for this special sweet 16 celebratory evening with our girl and her friends.  You are amazing!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Ahhhh Debbie, how very very special you made this evening, for Hailey and her friends!! So generous and kind beyond measure! What a beautiful place with wonderful ambiance and delicious food, presented so perfectly! :) what a fabulous evening for a new 16 yr old!! :)
Love, Nancy