Friday, March 11, 2016

A wonderful start to Spring Break!

 Well, this is just a teaser of sorts....I am too tired to post more now so will add more to this tomorrow.  But we are officially on Spring Break and what better way to celebrate a week off than with family!  Nina and Poppy are back from AZ for the week...and it was time to celebrate a very belated bday for D!  He was excited. He had been asking about it all week!  We had a delicious pizza dinner and a yummy Cold Stone Batman cake!
 LOL...I have more pics like this of D with his "deer in the headlights" look and others photo bombing him.  Crazy Steg kids!
 He is one big corndog!  But gotta love him...he is a hoot!
Loved seeing the family...we hadn't really seen them all since Christmas (aside from Poppy's quick trip down on v-day).  Love our family...and love starting off the spring break seeing them (though we did miss our "minus one in NYC" get-togethers are not the same w/o her.  Will add more to this tomorrow....zzzzzzz

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