Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Adios Girl Scout Cookies!

 It was a day to celebrate today!  It was "bye bye GS cookie money!",which means this mama is officially done with cookie stuff...hopefully forever!  Good riddens. I have never seen a more disorganized system for doing stuff.  I had a couple mental breakdowns over the last two weeks trying to figure it all out.  Thankfully, I can put that all behind me now.  Lo helped me deliver the goods to the two banks today.  Not sure many 3 year olds get to carry this much cash!  He was pretty giddy over it!  Honestly...he was more giddy about knowing he'd get a lollipop inside! 
 And he just so happened to get another one at the next bank.  Yep, two banks + two lollis = one happy boy!
 And a glaring look from us both in the rain as we delivered our paperwork to the GS service unit. (Lo had just fallen asleep--go figure) Hallelujah I am done with all this...and it's even done a week early!  YAY!!
 I owe this guy...he helped me with all the money stuff last night and last weekend. If you know me, I am terrible with money...being in charge of cookies has proved this.  I have no organization as far as cash goes.  I am ok with this...but it just means I need a guy who is good with money by my side. Phew, got that!
 A rainy day and not much to show for it. I did get to talk to my mama for a bit...always love that!  And after school I got to watch this girl play violin. I tried to get a pic in action, but she stood in just the wrong (or right place in her opinion probably), so I could not see her.  So I made her take a pic in the rain :)  She was thrilled :)
 The boys built this tonight to slide their ping pong balls down.  Pretty cool!
 We chatted with our fav. New Yorker. She wasn't too jazzed to see us and she actually forgot to call us, so Shelb had to i-pad-facetime her.  Love you, Hays, even if you forget about us!
And a pic of her from last night...she apparently missed her own Honor's Day recognition because she had rehearsal.  Go figure. Even at ballet school you miss stuff because of rehearsal.  But she did luck out and get a yummy pizza from it.  I could go for some of that right now!  So proud of this girl. I know it will be a busy week for her as she preps for her dance on Monday!  Wish I could be there....

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