Monday, March 21, 2016

Back at it...

 Well, as much as we wanted to have another week or two or three of spring break, we were back at it today...ugh.  None of us were ready.  But we didn't have a choice.  Lo and I laid around for awhile. He got to watch Jake again (he had missed Jake for most of spring break!)...and I got to catch up on emails and Easter plans.  Lots to do this week!  It was at least nice to be in pj's til afternoon.
 LOL!  I caught him "cat napping" in the sun a couple times.  It was very cute.  I couldn't blame him. This rug is the softest and that is our sunniest spot!
 He fell asleep in the check-out at Kroger. Poor kid.  He must have been tired!  Man, that Kroger was hopping...note to not shop for groceries the day after spring break.  It was awful in there!
 Back at gymnastics. She will still be in gold next time around, but honestly she has nowhere to go past that so I was glad.  Past gold is competition and I am not sure we are ready for that!  But she does have good form...check out her pointed toes. She has ballerina in her whether she likes it or not!
 Smile BUGS gymnastics girl!
 Giddy over Girl Scouts...ok, not really. She did not want to go bc she thought her friend would not be there...but I talked her into it and we had a talk about "being a responsible girl scout"...and her friend thankfully did show up!  She is all about doing what her friends do lately.  I guess that's normal.
 Thanks, Sue Sue for dinner!  It was delicious and hit the spot tonight!

 Rock collecting in the yard.  She is studying rocks at school apparently.  I am all about this bc our yard needs less of them! :)
 Bound to happen. It was why I hadn't bought jelly beans til today.  The whole bag all over the floor thanks to a greedy boy.  He looks afraid doesn't he?!  Thankfully Shelby helped him pick them up. 
LOVE!  Ashley melts my heart sometimes with her simple writing assignments. This was part of today's homework.  I love her drawings.  Simple, but to the point.  Obviously you can see what her fav. things were this weekend...I love Hailey and her big bun!  And our very fancy NJ motel room was apparently a hit! :) 

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Nancy Gritter said...

Yep, look at those beautiful ballerina feet on Asher! But what I love more is her sweet smile and her beautiful heart! Love her note😍the NY trip was a huge hi-light and one they will remember the rest of their lives! Love that look on Logees face with all the candy on the floor! Hahaha :) and Shelby and her "faces" ! Gotta love her! Love the pics every keeps me and Pops connected; thank you :)