Sunday, March 13, 2016

Birthday Week is officially here!


Well, in honor of the bday girl, I thought I'd do a fun little "get to know Hailey" post!  I am sure she will love that I am doing this and giving away all her deepest, darkest secrets! :)

1.  She was born on March 17, 2000. Yes, a Y2K baby.  She was due March 20th (first day of Spring).  She came early bc they feared she had IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Retardation) I had to be induced bc they were worried my body would not feed and help her grow in-utero past her due date.  Thus a nasty induction and almost 2 days of labor. Not fun and she was not ready to come out. But it was fun to have a lil' (7lbs, 2oz--20 inches) green St. Pat's baby!  She had the craziest head of dark brown hair. 

2.  Full name--Hailey Nicole Stegemoller (thankfully we had one girl name we agreed on...otherwise she could have been Jed Stegs...hmmmm)

3.  When she was in preschool there was lots of concern over her walking on her toes all the time. She went to Physical Therapy to have it evaluated.  I guess this should have been our first sign she was created to dance.

4.  She has an area of gray hair on the back of her head.  Elsa? :)

5.  She is smart.  I never realized this truly til got into ALPS in 3rd grade and saw her IQ score. But the girl is a very smart.  She's a quiet, cool smart...not a nerdy smart though.  She has always loved to read. I think this is part of what makes her smart. She gets this from her dad....the reading part, not the smart part...j/k...I still say she is so smart bc she went to nursing classes with me when she was just born.  She sat there at Calvin lectures in her carrier/car seat and just soaked it all in!

6.  Fav. color: Blue (PBTeen Pool (teal) to be exact)

7. Fav. flavor--Blue raspberry

8.  Fav. snack--BBQ chips?

9. Fav. fruit is Cuties (and apples, I think)...I thought she liked Pomegranite, but maybe she outgrew this.

10.   Fav. book...she likes Dystopian novels

11.  Fav. new food...broccoli. Ok, so maybe it's not her fav. food, but she told us she now eats it. I told her to eat it there bc I do not eat food that smells like dirty diapers when cooked.  She loves peas too (ok, j/k...she actually dislikes peas most of all...I thought all St. Pat's babies liked all green foods?!)

12.  Dreams for the future.  I am not sure what her exact dreams are for ballet, but I know she wants to be somewhere where she is utilized and appreciated for her talent.  And if that doesn't pan out, I think she still wants to be some type of physical therapist (maybe dance therapist?)  I heard a rumor of her coming back to IU for this...maybe Calvin?  I am sure that cannot be true! :) All I know is that whatever this girl sets out to do, she will accomplish if God opens the doors. So I trust that will happen and we have nothing to worry about! :)

13. She has a dimple on the back of one of her ears.  If I ever lost her, this was my mark of identity!  Thankfully I never did. Though I guess there is still time...she lives in a crazy big city for goodness sakes!

14. She is left-handed.  This runs on the Steg (Grandpa) and Gritz (Nina) sides.

15. She loves Chicago, especially when it's windy and cold. J/K :)  I am throwing this in there bc we had a fun conversation about it just now on facetime and she told me that was pretty much the worst bday for her when I took her there to see the river turn green years ago.  Yikes!  So, don't plan any Chicago vacations with her or she will be grumpy!

16. Fav. vacation spot. I am pretty sure it's Holden Beach, NC. While she does not like sand, she does like to be on a mansion on the the beach!

17.  She likes the finer things in life.  She likes nice (heeled) shoes, nice clothes, nice hotels.  She likes to shop if she has money to spend.  She is not her mother's daughter in this respect. I think she got this from her father as well :)

18.  She is the sweetest, most down to earth almost 16 year old you will ever meet. I remember when she small my mom would say she had an "old soul".  I totally agree. Ever since she was a toddler she has been so mature for her age. She just takes everything in stride, she rarely stresses about things, she just has a peace about her.  She seems to have a deeper understanding of the world that any teenager I have ever met.  I think God made her this way to adapt to all the changes in her be where she is now.  I am constantly impressed by my Hays and her zest for life, yet the way she so nonchalantly approaches it. She is awesome.  I don't know where she will be 16 years from now, but I know she'll be awesome doing whatever it is!

Love you, Hays! (and you are welcome for this fancy pic of you arguing with us tonight about the fun times in The Windy City :))

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