Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Boston Bound!

In the midst of bdays and holidays and parties, I think I have failed to mention much about our NYC ballerina.  I think I have also failed at making her a priority on the blog mostly bc I write what I do for her....and who really wants to read about themselves, right?! :)  But since March has officially arrived and I focus mostly on her bday this month, I am making my first March post all about my March girl :)  So, here ya' go...
 Back on January 28 we officially signed the paperwork to send her to Boston for the summer.  Nothing like last minute and paying to overnight something that was due the next day.  Honestly, this was not our procrastination. It was a housing issue.  Let me back up though....many might wonder why our NYC ballerina is going to Boston for the summer.  Here's the downlow.  Once you are in a winter term at most locations, you are not allowed to stay there for the summer anymore.  So...for her this meant she should go to a Balanchine approved school (PNB-Seattle, Boston, Chautaqua (NY), and Miami).  Boston was her top choice this year mostly due to our vacation schedule.  She got in there and PNB and would have auditioned for Chautaqua, but it got snowed out during the big blizzard (she has no interest in Miami).  I was rooting for PNB, but the timing just did not work out for her to be on our big FL family vacation...so Boston was really the only choice this summer.  And long story, short...she will be living off campus for the first time.  A leap of faith for this mama.  I am used to secure dorms!  But she will be living with a mom and a bunch of her friends from SAB...a few of whom have been to Boston before. So....this should be a good situation...and might save us a small bit of money (might being the operative word). Anyway...so Boston, it is!  She is excited. I am trying to get on board. But I am not feeling the love from Boston.  I always felt the love from NYC.  Big Apple trumps Boston...sorry.  But I have heard you get great experience at Boston Summer Program, so....we're holding onto that! 
 Normally, we have a lil' celebration with our girl since she's usually under our roof when she makes her summer plans, but this year she did everything solo from NYC.  I was proud of her.  But it's sorta impossible to celebrate without her here...or it would seem unfair at the very least :)  So yesterday Logan and I had a "tea party" in her honor!  Get it..."tea party".  Haha.  I seriously know nothing about Boston except that the Boston Tea party occurred there...and that Kev's job is based out of there.  Two imp. things I guess.  Anyway...Lo and I had fun with our "celebratory tea party for our Hayeee" :)  Had I thought about it then, I would have pulled cardboard Hailey out for the event...but she is in pretty bad shape, so not sure she would have even sat for tea. :(
 So proud of you, Hayeee!  You will rock in Boston!
 Cheers to Hayeee--our Boston Bound Ballerina!
 Hee hee...sometimes we have too much fun spelling things out with food and toys :)  Loggy helped me with some of his fav. things....darts, lollis and his new car track!
 He is all ready to ward off Boston crazies with his Nerf gun!  Have no fear, Lo will protect his Hayeee!
 And I think I failed to post this on the blog too.  Our girl made it into the SAB summer intensive flier that is sent out in mass mailings. Last year she was in the booklet for the auditions...I think this is a step up bc a lot more people see it. Not that we care about that...but it was still a fun surprise.  I had no idea about it, nor did Hailey.  I got it from one of her best friend's moms at church.  I just figured she wasn't telling me bc she is a ballerina of few words...but she really had never seen it.  What a cute pic too. She looks like she's saying "mmmm, I love SAB!" :)
a bigger view...still cute sideways too :)
And a lovely pic of her going to the ballet a couple weeks ago.  I stink at posting these pics...she sends me a few here and there, but I always forget to post them.  She's a lucky duck to get to see so many NYCB ballets for free!  I am trying not to be jealous!  And I am trying not to shed too many teas that I will miss her first performance in two weeks...at the SAB Winter Ball. She and half her class will be performing. I have almost bought tickets a couple times to go see her, but I know we can't afford it.  If only money grew on trees and NYC wasn't so far away.  Sigh.  I am so proud of this girl of ours and the leap of faith she's taken leaving her home and making a new one so far away.  She has been gone 6 months now. That is a long time for a 15 year old.  And soon she will be Sweet 16 and I will be wiping tears away that I have a daughter so old...and too far away to celebrate with.  Sigh.  Miss you, Hays!  Love you soooooooo much!

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Melissa said...

We've been to Boston once and loved it! We would love to go back. Not sure if it beats NY but it's still pretty cool, especially in the summer.