Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bunnies and Chicks!

 Awww, look what I found in the piles of pics.  It used to be my tradition to get pics of my kids with really bunnies every Easter! I miss that tradition, but our one in Bedford no longer does it.  Poor Logan will never enjoy this tradition. all started on Hailey's 2nd Easter (right when she turned 1) before we moved to Indiana.  I found this place in a small Michigan mall that did photos with chicks and bunnies.  Love these pics so much...I cherish them!  Hailey was so giddy over real animals in her pics! :)
 She was trying to tell us one bunny had made a run for it!
 This was our one and only time doing pics with chicks.  But I just think it's adorable.  That bunny is darn cute too!
Sweet little one year old....she looks like a little ballerina even then...she had no idea where she'd be 15 years from that moment :)
 I think this was 2005...somber Shelb.  She was not so sure of the bunnies. 
 Dylan had no clue what was going on with bunnies here...this was 2006...Shelb liked them this year...but I think that was one was gonna nibble on her!
Dylan refused to hold one this it had to sit next to him. The fun thing about bunnies is you never know how they will act! :)

Anyway...I love rehashing old pics...especially Easter ones!  I need to figure out a way to get a bunny pic with Loggy sometime (maybe a place in Indy does them)...but the bummer is that Hailey is never around to do it now so it will be an incomplete gang :(  Just glad my Hays will be home on Good Friday...that will make my Easter complete this year!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwwww, great memories! I remember when you did those! And you came to Florida one Easter, didn't you? I remember Grandma giving her an Easter Basket! I think they have gotten away from using animals due to " animal rights" and you might be hard pressed to find them in use accept maybe private professionals! You should ask around! Mom