Sunday, March 6, 2016

Check out these cute kids!

Check out this oldie but goodie :) 
That girl sure has a great fashion sense!  A purse and a hat to match! (just ignore the socks!)...but that boy...check out those short shorts and knee socks! lol!  I love that my mom took Easter pics of us every year.  Gives me a good chuckle from time to time.  Maybe someday my kids will appreciate that I do it! haha  Though I never made my boys wear cool outfits like this.  Good thing Jeffie turned his fashion sense around later in life.  We were two cool kids :)

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Nancy Gritter said...

EXCUSE ME!!!! BUT Jeffie was VERY fashionable!!!( as were you!!) :) :) That was the style back then!!! You guys always looked amazing!! :):) I guess you got that from me with your fashionable kiddos!!!haha :) I did take alot of pics back in the day as shown by the many boxes of them in the closet!! NO computers back then to store them on!! Its fun to look at old pictures!Look how cute you guys were!! Life was so simple then, sigh......xo Mom