Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Day!

What a wonderful, beautiful Easter day.  Not sure we have ever had such a perfect weather day.  Felt like 70 all day and super sunny...maybe even too sunny (is that possible?). We had a blessed day with family!  Love this Steg fam.
 And rewinding...we had a great morning hunting eggs and just chillin'...wasn't long enough to chill really, but it was good to have us all under one roof :) 
 My Fav. Five!  We tried yellow this year as our color...something different and bright for this sunny day....
 I made Hays a little Sweet Sixteen cake to celebrate with the family.  I am sure she probably didn't want any fuss and she's not a cake-person...but I wanted to do something special for her.  I loved the colors and how it turned out.  It was sinking a bit after being a few days old, but I think my girl looks so pretty next to it.  Love this Sixteen-year-old.
 We had many failed attempts at family is somehow getting harder to get 7 people to take a good pic....yet, we continue to try...
 ...and try....oh sweet are so nice and bright and warm, but you stink for Steg eyes :)
 LOL....she has a lot of hot air for a 16 year old :)  Though 3 year old Rylee had to help her get the last candle out!
 hee hee...nice!
 This is the almost-middle-schooler who wants to be a cheerleader now.  Heaven help us. She has her mother's form.
This kid meant business today with the egg hunt. He did not slow down for anything! :)

Probably one of our best weather, great family, great celebration of the resurrection!

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Nathalie said...

Lovely post dear Kelly.
These photos are so cute, I adore specially the two were your are all the 7.
French fan club - Nathalie