Monday, March 14, 2016

Her Winter Ball Debut!

Tonight was the big night.  The SAB Winter Ball.  This is a fundraising event for the School of American Ballet.  Donors attend.  And the C1 class (Hailey's Advanced Ballet level) dances.  It is their only performance opportunity of the year.  Sadly not her whole class could be in it this year. I am sure that was hard for the class as a whole. But she has a very large class.  The choreographer is a member of the NYCB, who has choreographed the last 2 years for the ball.  It's an original piece of choreography.  I don't think it had a name, but I am calling it "Jewel Tones"...only bc she told us last night that all the girls had to wear jewel tone colored leos. Her color was blue (sapphire I would imagine).  Anyway....the piece was performed around dessert time (9pm) tonight after dinner.  Of course, you know I thought about going.  Nina G. did too.  We both wanted to go and see it.  It tore us up to not be there for her first performance.  But who has that kind of money to stay in the city and then pay at least $150 per head to just see her dance for 4mins (that wasn't even for was just dessert and dancing...the dinner was double the price). If only money grew on trees.  Oh well.  I know if my girl is going to be a ballerina for awhile, this is the first of many dances I will not be there for. But it's still hard. I closed my eyes at 9pm and tried to envision what she was doing...but I have no idea what music she is dancing to or what the choreography is like so my vision was most like way off! :)  I hope at least they got some pics bc I doubt I will see a video.  But so proud of our girl. She said it went well and she'd send more pics later.
Above is her right before the show.  She looks beautiful!
The invite...sorry...bad quality off the have no idea how many times I clicked on it...wishing I could go...and below is the ball from two years ago. Beautiful!  In the Koch theater where all NYCB ballets are...and where we saw Nutcracker.  So proud of our Hays. What a fun start to her bday week!

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