Monday, March 14, 2016

More lazy spring break days...

 Well, I can get used to these lazy days.  I don't even mind not sleeping in, but it's just nice to not have to pack lunches or get ready at all.  Just do our own thing. It's good for the soul.  We at breakfast at 11am.  Yikes.  Actually it was a second breakfast for half of the kids.  We went with clovers...4 clovers for 4 Steg kids...bc that's what our week is about! 
 Someone was pretty excited about sprinkles on his p-cakes!
 She's the one that requested pancakes the night before...and also the one that slept til 10am.
 Love these kids...just wish we had one more at the counter...
 A very rainy day. Most would be sad by this...but I loved it.  I love rain.  It's just part of spring.
 The girls played AG in their tents.
They boys did their own thing on the ipad...they love their electronics and I am totally fine with that on vacation!
 Lo and I had some fun with dominoes!  I had fun building them, he had fun knocking them down. And trust me, it took a long time to do this with a boy that likes to knock things down!  16 in honor of our fav. NYC girl!
 Best part...down they go!
 We even spelled her name!  Not sure what his evil glare is about!
 This time he just dove on them and knocked 'em all down at once!
A nice game of Memory too!
 We made a little treat in honor of our St. Pat's girl!
They were cute lil' Irish cupcakes...a little bit drippy as far as frosting, but they were still yummy!
 We dolled her up so she could smell the 16 goodies...too bad cardboard Hays can't eat anything (well, it does look like she's eating some feathers here!)
 He put on his lucky hat and held up his lucky cupcake and wished his Hailey "Good Luck!" tonight at her debut! :)
All the sibs wished their fav. New Yorker a lucky night! :)

It was a nice day.  I never changed out of pjs til I took a shower and changed into new ones.  Never left the house but to get the mail.  The kids got along. All was peaceful.  All was good.

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