Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Not gonna get it all done...

Well, today I realized there is no way I am going to get everything done I need or want to get done.  I am sad about this because the things I want to do are important to me, but I simply do not have enough hours in the day and I cannot keep myself awake at 5am thinking about it.  I need to let it go.So I will try.  This is me trying.  I hope by writing down that I am ok with this, I will be.  Still bummed bc I love Easter and have done nothing for it yet...and now with Hailey flying in Friday and a busy weekend, there is no way I will get it done.  I have decided though that Easter can continue in April and I will still do stuff then.  Late is ok.
 Here's a rundown of our oh-so-exciting day.  I feel like I start every post with a selfie of Lo and me and then follow it by a dozen pics of him...but oh well.  He's the focus of most of my day now...that's as it should be :)  We made it back to the library...we've had to skip a lot due to field trips and spring break and we will skip next week most likely with Hays home.  Someday I will miss that he never wants to get off my lap at story time.  He won't sit on the rug with most of the kids. He likes his mama too much! :)
 I was so proud of him...he actually participated in the story today and brought a fish up when his color was called. This is progress.
 Oh sweet train table...we have missed you!  There were new kids at the table today...this one with the blonde locks made me sad...made me miss my Lo's long soft blonde hair :( :(
 He loves puzzles lately...wish we hadn't gotten rid of most of ours...but at least we can play with them for free at the library and will not have to store them!
 The only reason he goes to craft time...to cut!
 He was very proud of his suncatcher...he tried it out right away on the library door!  Not so sunny there....
 We went closer to the window...a little better!
 LOL...then we did a little Easter shopping with daddy...he got to share in the fun of shopping with Logan!  Daddy almost looks like he's enjoying it...almost :)
 Shopping took it all out of him...by the time we got to Sam's he was out!  And can you see where he hung his suncatcher?  Right on the side of his seat...it was catching lots of sun there!
 Giddy over free fruit snacks! Gotta love free samples at Sam's!
 Best new invention...strawberries and cream M&M's...yummers! I might like them better than mint or dark choc.  Delic!
 Waiting for Shelb to come out of Student Council at school...Lo found something fun to do and he asked me to take a pic for Hayeee...
 Then he moved to the other side and just hung out there...while the other kids played on top...can you spot Ash and Dyl (and Sydne) and another school friend?  Love the sun and nicer weather!
 Lo helped me make an Easter centerpiece...since he was the jelly bean king last night :)  It might be the only Easter decoration I have out. I wanted to make this really cool cross and empty tomb with real grass, but just no time!
 Violin time! We got sad news tonight that Shelb's violin teacher is moving in May to Little Rock to be with her hubby and start up a new strings program. We are happy for her, but will miss her terribly :(
 Sweet boys reading...this didn't last long...
 LOL...sorry, had to post.  She was tired tonight...but it looks like she is doing a little opera with her violin :)
Ok, and this was the funniest thing ever.  Shelby and her teacher were doing a timed "hold your violin" test to build strength. So her teacher had her phone timing them and the room was completely quiet.  Time was almost up and out of nowhere Lo let out the biggest toot ever!  We were all cracking up.  Ashley could not stop laughing.  Our teacher said "good timing!" It was hilarious! And, of course, he blurted out, "I tooted" (or rather "pooped")...just in case we hadn't heart that loud toot! :)  That kid is so funny. And he zoned out completely after this...nap number 2 and never woke up....never ate dinner. Somehow this was a busy day for him.  I just wish I had another week.   Never going to get half the things done I need to get done.  Sigh.

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