Friday, March 25, 2016

She's home!

 Well, our NYC girl is now safely back in Indiana.  YAY, for her being home again!  She flew in on her normal late-night flight...and we were there to meet and embarrass her with signage :)
 Hopefully she'll be slumbering well in her old bed tonight...and hopefully the 16 balloons floating above her don't give her nightmares :)
It's so good to have her will not be long enough, but we will try to soak in all the Hays-time we can...bc she won't be home again til mid-Aug.  Love you, Hays...and Welcome Home Sweet 16-year-old!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Welcome home Hailey! Enjoy your friends and family and have a wonderful Easter!!! Xoxoxo love ya bunches! Nina( and Pops too! )