Thursday, March 10, 2016

One more week...

 It hit me today...our oldest "baby" will be the Sweet Sixteen in a week.  One week.  16 years ago this day I was awaiting our Mystery Baby Stegs...thinking she'd be born near the first day of Spring (her due date was March 20--First Day of Spring)...Never thought or dreamed I'd end up with a sweet lil' "green" baby (thank you, icky induction!)...and never thought in a million years God had carved out for her to be a the Big Apple.  I love to look back on years of life and see the path God planned.  Anyway...that is a post meant for her bday, probably. But I just wanted her to know the countdown is on. Even though we are not with her, she is in our hearts every day...especially on her bday.  And here is our "green" St. Pat's goodies we sent her last week.  Of course I had to make her one of my fancy banners for her dorm room...since I couldn't make her a big, green fondant cake!  The sibs each made her some fun green cards too.
 She got the package on Tuesday...and took a pic of all the green-ness in her room.  Nice!
 We sent her 16 green goodies for her 16th green bday!  Lo was my "lucky" helper!
 Ash went all out.  I love her drawing. She cares so deeply for Hailey...she was the first to make her something...and she picked her out a green squirty cow toy at the dentist. We are all about the most exquisite gifts! lol :)
 Leprechaun Lo wanted to get her a real car for her 16th...but this was all he could afford...a mini matchbox green-bday-mobile :)
16 gifts all wrapped up! (actually once I had them wrapped up there ended up being more somehow...I guess gifts multiply when you have a "lucky" bday! :))  It wasn't anything fancy, but we have fun with our St. Pat's Day girl...and sending her green things.  We even sent her a green leo to wear on her bday for class since apparently she is allowed to wear green that day!  Happy Almost 16th to our sweet St. Pat's Baby!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awesome St. Pattys Day stuff!!! Awesome pre-birthday stuff! Your room looks cool Hays! Let the countdown to Sweet 16 begin! :) xo Nina