Monday, March 28, 2016

Our day plus one

 Well, our day seemed normal...except better. We had Hayeee...she was our "plus one".  Though she did sleep in, so we were lazy w/o her. I was only lazy bc I was forced to be...I thought I was having some type of allergic reaction, but I fear I may be developing hives...ugh.  I pray not.  But I had to lay down. The itching was getting terribly annoying.  Lo amused me and we watched Sofia together :)
 At 10 it was time to get Hayeee up!  She did not want to get up!
 But Lo talked her into it...with Mickey's help :)
 We had fun at Hailey's dental appt...we built stuff and played...and I read about a wonderful ballerina whom we miss so much.  If my grandma Fergie had been a ballerina, I think she would have been like Violette.  Such a classy, cool, lady who lit up a room with her presence.
 Hailey helped with some racing...sorta...
 Lo's new thing is to lick her.  I was trying to get a nice pic and all he wanted to do was lick her...sorry, Hayeee...I think he does it bc he loves her sooo much!
 They had a fun game of racing around the house.
 Lots of racing...hee hee ::)
 They shared a box of mac and cheese. We are all about fancy meals around here!  I am sure Hayeee does not miss her cafeteria at all, since we are so classy at the Steg home!
 Not wanting me to get his gummy he was hiding them on his head :)
 Then we settled down and played games...Hays played Mariocart and Lo played Disney cards with mama...
 We got mail from our bestie girl...and a pic of her too!We love Sophie!
 We got stuck in our hotwheels track...sad thing is we tried to do it again after mama got us out.
 Getting in her driving hours....such a responsible 16 year old!
 Big sis came to gymnastics with us...yay!
 It was also bring a friend day...we brought one of our best buds from school!
 The gymnastics fan club...minus D who was in the bathroom :)
 Crazy girls!
 Taking selfies...Not sure what Lo was doing?
 Big sis to the rescue with homework help...
 Working on our flips...
 Their little awards ceremony...go Ash!
 Her special ribbon...and apparently since she has kept them all, she can get a free tshirt!
 Waaaay too much candy...and this is not all of it.  Yikes. Sad thing is...I will eat most of it.  Not sure I need that....hmmmm....what to do...
 Back at IU...I miss seeing this group of girls walk out...but I am not sure I miss the routine of adding ballet back in....I am good with where our girl is...but it was fun to see the gang with our girl again... the end of the evening I found them laying together talking...not sure what about, but it was cute...something about Hailey "being a bad boy" which she said she "would make a bad boy bc she is a girl" :)

We are happy our home is full again.

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