Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Same old, same old...

 Well, nothing extraordinarily exciting going on here...but I like to keep the blog up-to-date in case any famous New Yorkers are watching :)  Here's a run-down of our last 2 days.  Yesterday was a lovely rainy day...pouring rain.  I was sad it was errand/Kroger day or I would have just stayed home all day and snuggled with my boy.  Here is how I found him in the morn.  I don't encourage sitting on table to eat bfast, but sometimes he is just too darn cute!
 We were going to forgo the library...but we had returns to make anyway....
 He's warming up to story time...he got pretty animated about it was about wind and he was blowing hot air on me :)
 Peacefully existing at the train table with 3 other boys.  Wow.
 We actually walked away from trains and did puzzles on our own.
 It was preschool Science time. Very fun stuff about wind. We made a wind socket and held it up to a windy fan!  Cool!
 Toilet plungers...not sure what this has to do with wind...but who doesn't like to play with plungers?!  I know daddy does! :)
 This was so cool...this balloon on a string. I think it'd be awesome to do a science related party and have this at it.  Logan loved it!
 The mall.  Trying to find Easter outfits.  Ugh.  I dislike Easter in March...not enough time to get things all situated.  And I stink at matching stuff.  Ninas are better at it.  Lo's reward for being good was trying all the ride-toys (for free). There was a younger kiddo there so Logan wasn't totally happy...he's a bit of a loner :)
 This pic was for Hayeee, but I forgot to send it to her.  March is Lo's lucky month...two cookies at Kroger!  Whohoo!
 I decided yesterday to start having healthy snacks when the kids get home. No more cheezits or goldfish, etc.  I remember my mom doing this when I was younger...or maybe I am wrong on that.  But I thought I would try it.  They were thrilled. Seriously...the girls loved it.
 Not sure D was so happy...he is not big on apples and cheese....but I promise I'll try to find some D-snacks soon!
 It was crazy sock day yesterday for Dr. Seuss week....Ash was craaaaazy!
 Shelb's new song is coming along well.  It's a very tough one...but she is working hard.
 Bad morning today...not a good start to the day with frozen van doors and a leaky water bottle all over a backpack and being late to the dentist. But we got there.  And they love this kid area...who wouldn't love a dentist with video games?!  And I remember that choo choo...I had it when I was little....
 Poor Ash....4 cavities. That is a lot for a 7 year old.  Not flossing has been her issue.  She will spend Hailey's bday getting them all filled.  Fun.
 Such a pretty girl...even with sugar bugs in her teeth :(
 This crazy kid got a clean check up! Way to go, D!
 Painting nails in the car. I never do this, but we were running late today and she wanted wacky nails for wacky Wednesday!
 We spent the morning at our friend's house hanging out...I think Lo had fun with the 6 other kiddos :)
 My failed attempt at a healthy Seuss snack today. I tried to just use stuff from around the house to make the Cat in the Hat.  The girls liked it!  They actually asked, "what's for healthy snack today" when they got in the van.  So I had to think of something quick!
 Creepy looking cat :)
 We actually had our first free school night in forever since violin group class was canceled.  But the kids were absolutely wild (as evidenced by this photo).  It was not the best evening.
 Her Wacky Wed. outfit. Totally her doing.
And more proof of the craziness.  Chasing naked Logan around the house trying to get him dressed.  Kev and I have decided we need a vacation.  Now.  Not happening anytime soon...but we can dream.  I am happy to say that Lo and I will get a vacation to FL soon...YAY!!! (April could not be here soon enough!) and then Nina G. visits us the next week for two weeks!  Double YAY!  I love having fun things to look forward to!

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