Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sweet 16th Surprise!

Well we pulled it off!  We surprised our Bday girl, and even her sibs, and showed up today outside her NYC dorm to wish her a Sweet Sixteen in person!  I am not sure how surprised she was bc I was in the bathroom when she surprised us!  Haha. But it was fun surprising each other and the siblings loved surprising their sister. I know she probably had better and more exciting things to do than spend time with us, and she'd had a full day of school and ballet and was tired, but I am just glad we saw her for a few hours. Plus I got to see her dance, which was a highlight for me. It was a full day but my heart is at peace knowing we shared some of our girl's big day with her. Very special big big thanks to my grandma and aunt Mary for sending us on this trip. It was their idea and gift to us. Bless them!  I will post pics when we are home this weekend. Love you, 16 yr old Hays!  And loved being with you today even though you got tired of us and Logan got poop on your hand 😉 Happy birthday, sweet daughter!

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