Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Unrealistic expectations

 Well, I am slooooowly realizing that I cannot put so many things on my to-do list. I simply have no time and no concept of how long things will actually take.  I fall further behind every day and this just weighs on me. I try to set things aside...but when I am invested in things or have already spent time on them, it is hard to "let it go". Anyway...this is a post for another day...but since I sit awake here still...I am going to add pics to this post.  Loggy was a good boy today. He just took charge. He got his mat out and started playing. I think he may have dragged this down the stairs by himself.  He's Mr. Independent like all his sibs are!
 Awww, I was going through more pics today and found this.  2nd Easter in FL for Hailey.  It's the same dress/hat she wore in the bunny/chick pics...but LOL at her face!  She had just eaten through a chocolate egg with the wrapper on so she was probably still chewing on it!  I remember this Easter well...great memories with my Grandma Fergie.  Miss her so....
 It was another gorgeous day out.  We didn't even wear shoes and we just hung out on our front porch and did chalk and bubbles. I left the door open and he just played.  It was nice.
 He spilled most of the bubbles...no surprise there.
 He helped with my project for Hayeee...he's my helper!
 He got his own sherbet...sorta...I helped. 
 He scootered...
 He fell...and then had to repeat and show me how he scootered and fell...(even though I was watching the first time) :)
 He's my bud.  I am blessed to spend my days wit him.
 He was pretty giddy when Nina Stegs stopped by...this was him doing his happy jig in the driveway :)
 The girls liked the old pics of Hays...especially the naked one of her on the beach in the Bahamas :)
 Oh and Hays...she was gone all day...shopping with Nina...they loved to shop!  I think they went to Greenwood. I never even asked.  But she came home with lots of summer goodies!  Thanks, Nina!  Nina even let Hailey drive so she could get some more hours in.  Brave, Nina!
 Shopping bags full of clothes and Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake for all of us for dessert...what could be better?  Nina spoils us!
 Tough love at violin. We are 1.5 weeks away from our solo recital and still do not have our piece memorized.  Someone will be very busy for the next 10 days.
 Another poor ballet pic....but it is the last time this week she will be here. I wanted to go up and take a pic of her dancing through the window (which I am sure she would have loved!), but didn't have time.  I think she has liked getting to see all her ballet buds and teachers this week.  This place will always be home.
 Egg dyeing had to be done tonight...had we not boiled the eggs 4 days ago, I would have dropped this activity, but hated wasting 18 eggs and they were getting stinky in the fridge.  I do not like Easter in March...it's already a too-busy month for us!
 Loggy LOVED dipping and dyeing....probably too much...he kept redipping everyone's eggs.  I will have to post those pics later...they are on Kev's phone.  Hays looks oh-so-enthused to be doing this after a busy day....sorry, Hays!
They are a cute gang though...and I love them. 

Been a hard day in lots of respects.  Shelb and I went to a funeral tonight of her friend's brother.  No one should have to lose a brother so young and no parent should have to bury her child. Such a tragedy.  My heart breaks for this family.  It'd be like us losing Hailey.  Cannot imagine.  Makes all the things we complain about daily, seem unimportant.  I need to learn to chill more and just cling to and hug my family and friends.  Life is too short.

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