Thursday, March 24, 2016

Very from the last 2 days

 This mama is wiped...and not sure how I am going to make it through this weekend of busyness.  But I will somehow.  Here are a few pics of the last couple days.  Yesterday we met our fav. ballet moms at the park.  It was so nice out and the park was packed...but apparently that was for a toddler egg once they cleared Lo had the place to himself. He really just wanted to go home (and kept asking), but I had some trains in my pocket and I gave them to him and it was like gold...he just buried them over and over again.  Good times. And I got caught up on my IU ballet news :)
 We had a busy day of running errands after the park so we had to share nachos in the van. Not as fun as when chilling on the couch at home, but still yummy!
 Group class...working on pieces for the recital the day after Shelb's bday!
 A fun Easter analogy planned by Shelby.  She was asked to help with her core group she came up with a couple ideas to portray the Easter message.  She did great practicing and took the job very seriously.  I love that her leader said she is a leader in the group and trusted her enough to help run things. Go, Shelb! Wilton dye was too strong for this "sin" analogy.  The bleach would not work on it right away and wipe away that sin.
 We came up with a back-up use grape koolaid!  lol.  It worked...and it smelled yummy!
 Making yummy treats and enjoying the batter!
 Ash helped me the most...she is my little baker.
 And today was a mostly at-home day.  Lo built a really long train track and then put all his cars in his Batman house...all while watching Diego--his new fav. show.  I love this show bc it has been helping him with his asks you questions and then you have to repeat and he's been doing it all by himself.  Very cute and useful!  He might even learn to be bilingual :)
 YAY...chips n cheese on the couch!  Best mommy-son snack!
 All sacked out...I love how relaxed he is.
 Practicing after school for her presentation tonight...
 For some reason the Koolaid didn't work as well today....
 LOL...he truly cracks me up with his sleeping habits :)
 All ready to go...packed up our "sin presentation" and our resurrection roll ingredients.  And she did awesome helping run her meeting tonight.  Go, Shelb!
 We raced off to the school for Math Night.  Lo wanted desperately to win these animal had to guess the right amount. We guessed 208 (he wanted to guess 8, but I thought at least 208 had 8 in it!)
 He was happy for half the time to just play in the noodles and find dinosaurs.  I need to do this at home...he loved it!
 He made his own snack of all his fav. things and had to measure them.  Genius easy math!
 They had this funny magician...he was great.  Ash and Dylan only had a chance to watch him and go to the Book Fair.  They never even got to the gym like we did.  Daddy was with them...
 We didn't win the animal crackers, but we did win the bin of cheesballs!  We guessed 800 and there were 816...very close!  YAY for 8 numbers! Someone was giddy!  Actually I don't think he likes cheeseballs, but his sibs do!  They were happy campers!
The other two...crazy kids.  Poor D was mad bc daddy would not let him buy a book bc they had it at the library...our new motto. If the library has it, we don't don't buy it!

That's all I got.  Best news is that in 24 hours our NYC gal will be slumbering in our home again for 9 days!  YAY!

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