Friday, March 18, 2016

We ❤️ NYC...and Hailey!

Well, we are without our Hays again. But only for a week (til her spring break). But I just had to post quickly from the "comforts" of our lil NJ hotel room. I am not sure Hailey was overly thrilled we rained on her NYC parade these last couple days, but tonight as we talked about our favorite part of our spring break, it was unanimous that all the sibs loved the surprise trip and the highlight was seeing their oldest sister. They adore her, and although she told us she likes to see us at home but she's not crazy when we are in NYC with her (apparently we embarrass her with touristy things)....we still loved the few hours of time she gave us.  She has truly become a real New Yorker. Never thought when I gave birth to my baby 16 years ago that she would be a Big Apple girl embarrassed by her Indiana touristy family, but here we are. 😳  We love you, Hays...sorry we aren't cooler, but grateful you blessed us with your presence the last couple days.

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