Saturday, April 30, 2016

A rainy, lazy day...and a day of service...

 Well, one good thing about rain on a Saturday is that we get to sleep in!  And daddy and I did just that! YAY!  We needed it after this flu-ey week!  And I was smart and had Loggy pick out some donuts from Walmart so the kids just dug into those without needing help.  Poor D...he was bummed though...yet, another game canceled.  This rain is for the birds!
 I had the grand idea to let Lo play Play-doh.  Only thing is that I forgot what a trash heap our closet has become.  I couldn't find it.  I really needed to just clean out the closet...but I had no motivation today.  Rain does that to me.
 We did find our pooping-egg-hen from Easter...we love her! 
 And we did finally find our play-doh...Lo was thrilled...and daddy even sat down to heeeeelp him!
 Someone was elated to play catch-up with 1.5 hours of violin practice.  She is now officially signed up to play at IU this summer. We will see how that goes and if we sign her up for fall. 
 We found a recipe in a Kroger ad for soup...and rainy days are good soup days, so we had a nice lunch. We need to learn to make soup though. This wasn't the best.  We left out most of the good ingredients bc we only had scraps laying around.  Kev wasn't happy with the taste. He has a fussy palate though. I just eat to survive.
 My boys making play-doh teeth :) 
 Shelb eating lunch and picking out a bday smoothie from the "smoothie Bible". She also attempted to pick out her bday cake ideas...hmmm...we'll see if mama can pull together a cake this week. Feeling not-so-motivated.
 And the fun part of our day was helping out at the Girl Scout Pantry.  One of our local GS troops started this food pantry in November....located in the back of a church near us.  Our Daisy troop has looked forward to this event all year bc our focus is on community service.  And this day exceeded our expectation. What a cool place and so many wonderful people giving to the community.  I think my fav. part was meeting the people who came.  I walked many of them out to their cars carrying their food...they were all so sweet. One lady told me how young I looked and to tell my husband :)  haha :) Ash loved it. She helped stock the shelves...
 All the girls loved it...
 And she loved bagging the food...she could now officially work at Kroger :)
 All the girls did awesome...they worked 3.5 hours and never complained...they loved it! 
 They even helped organize things in the back.  Such a cool place. We ended up serving 234 people in our community.  It was the 2nd highest day the pantry had had.  Very cool. 
 And the lady in charge gave our girls each a pantry patch.  Ash loved it!
 And daddy was sweet enough to make dinner for us after I dropped off Shelb at a party.  Daddy is using some tough love though...he is insisting Logan have a plateful of everything we are eating even if he does not eat it.  This did not go over well with Lo.
 A heart-breaking face (and a glare at daddy)...all over a hotdog on his plate.
And apparently daddy needs instruction putting on diapers....looks like we had an animal have a few accidents in our house...but was Lo.  Maybe he will potty train soon....or someday....

That is the life of the Stegs this Sat.  Nothing too exciting...lots of talk about our long "to do" list and talk about the house and Boston and a chat with our Hailey (who is at the ballet tonight again...lucky girl!)....but pretty much nothing accomplished.  Oh well. I am really learning to have no expectations lately. Makes me feel much better about the outcome of each day! :)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Feeling blah

 Well, this week is almost done.  Good.  I try to be optimistic at the beginning of each day, but sometimes at the end, I just have to throw up my hands in despair :)  It was not necessarily a bad day, it was just a blah go along with a blah week. I think post-vacation days are like that.  I know this from many past post-vacation-blah-days.  Anyway....our morning starting out ok.  We were in the Friday groove. We were going to meet our friend for coffee/hot choc....but she ended up having to cancel...we did end up meeting for about 10mins to say "hi" and do the fastest catch-up ever (and get our yummy hot choc!), but then we headed home.  The funny thing is that I have had every single get-together planned lately end in cancellation...either by me or my friends.  No joke. I think I have had a dozen get togethers planned this month and not one has panned out.  I think this is God trying to tell me to just stay home! :)  So, home we went....Lo drank my entire hot-choc.  He looks like a hot-chocolate-chipmunk doesn't he?!
 We did a little shopping and ran some girl scout errands and the SB helped him get through all that...
 On a little SB high :) hee hee :)
 I had no intentions of nap today and Lo really was persistent in staying awake, but he finally gave in.  Good boy :)
 After school is where I just wore down.  Going shopping with 4 kids is no fun.  And shopping for glasses is less fun.  But Shelby desperately wanted her glasses two days we had to go tonight before her picnic.  She knew just what she wanted....
 black-rimmed...don't they scream "Urkle"?  She wanted these pair badly...but I knew they were too big...they were even big on me.  And of course they were more than our insurance covered being Ray Bans.  We finally nixed them thanks to daddy's advice via text.
 Pair number two...still too big.
 Pair 3 and 4 (and one photobomber sister :))  Can you tell Shelby was getting annoyed with me shooting all her glasses ideas down...mostly I was trying to keep her in budget.
 This is what we ended up with. I think they are cute.  Not what I would picture being in style now, but I probably have no clue on current style anyway.  And yes that is my gang in the background getting rowdy...
...things got worse at the bakery where we ordered our bday cookie cake for school...and then reordered it bc we changed our mind.  And the boys were raising a ruckus.  I was losing patience. The poor bakery lady whispered to me "good luck". She could tell I needed it.  And she muttered she never takes her two kids anywhere. I told her I rarely take all 4 out and this is why.....but they did pull it together to help me do the self check-out.  Of course, they argued about who got to do what...
Finally the van with only Shelby after her core group picnic at the park.  Her scotcheroos were a hit and she was happy she got to drink a can of Sprite. 

Glad it's the weekend...just wish I was in FL on the beach....

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ready for another vacation...

 ...well, that about says it.  Home 2 days and I am ready to leave again. haha. It's not personal, family...I promise.  I just was hoping to ease back into things...but apparently that was not meant to be this week. I got absolutely nothing done.  Daddy stayed home again (he was functional and working, but he was sitting on the couch in his pj's all day and he distracts me...even when he's a bump on a log :))...Lo made an absolute mess of the upstairs...he got all the games out and got into a lot of D's stuff.  We attempted to make him pick sorta worked.
 I took no pictures most of the day (I was THAT tired) once the kids got home I took a few.  D has been extra happy daily with Amazon deliveries from Nina and Poppy Stegs.  Spy Gear is apparently the new thing...if only little bro would stay away from the spy gear...
 I put the kids to work since they had little or no homework.  D made the corn muffins for dinner...he chose to make mini ones today...something different...
 Logan played our dinner music.  Daddy tried to get rid of this while we were gone, but Lo would not let that happen.  He played his own number music all about #9!  It was darling and set the tone for Taco Thursday.
 Going to town on his new musical number!
 Ash worked hard...setting the table, helping cut box tops...and making Lo dinner.  She's a trooper.  And, yes, we actually had a free night...this is such an oddity to us...but core group was cancelled and daddy was ok enough to eat with us so we all sat down for dinner....I really wanted to go see ballet at the BCT, but I wanted to stay home I did.  I can't remember the last time I missed the Choreography Project...but I did this year.  Oh well.  Separation from IU ballet is good for me....
 Someone made one of her fav. desserts for her core group picnic tomorrow.  She needs to learn that I will always take the funniest pic of her if she gives me the opportunity! :)
A little better face :) hee hee :)
And our NYC gal was off to the ballet tonight. I was so happy for her...she got tickets to Jewels, which she had been waiting for.  While I was happy for her, I was slightly jealous that I could not be there myself!  But maybe someday....'s to a more productive day tomorrow...and a restful'll be a 4 day weekend for our gang with no school Mon and Tues and the kids heading off to Nina and Poppy's for part of it (yay!). So that is good news!  I think I am just ready for school to be have some down just be still.  I am done with busyness.  It's for the birds!   

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back to reality...just not the reality I had hoped for...

Well, it was back at it today. I must admit, I was ok with that. I rarely feel refreshed and ready to tackle life, but FL gave me that rest I needed.  My parents gave me that rest.  So I was ready to jump back in today.  But not so ready to wake up to a husband with the flu. I am not sure he even realized he had it. But he almost burned me with his skin before my alarm went off.  Seriously, he was a fireball this morning.  I think he was still planning to go to work too...but I nipped that in the bud.  So thankfully he spent the whole day in bed....and I tackled the day...I was ok with that (at first) was my turn to tackle things...and let my man rest....(though resting with the flu was not my hope for him....)
 Lo and I headed to our ol' stompin' grounds.  It was not our normal Tuesday event, but at least they had story hour Wednesday.  He was not gung ho...I think part of him still wants to be in FL too....but we dug back into our life regardless...we picked out some books....
 We really got into the fact we didn't even do the train table right away....the puzzles were top priority!  And Pops would have been proud...Lo decided to mix up all the pieces....and then put them in the right puzzles.  Pops used to do this for me when I was little....I was a puzzle genius back then! 
 We were not so sure about Story Hour.  We clung to mama.  Mama didn't mind :)
 We did finally hang at the ol' train table....but there were train bullies.  There's always some kind of man-drama at the train table! 
 We watched some movies from the library while mommy took care of daddy or rather napped with him for 30 mins.  I could have napped all was a gloomy day....I hated that he was sick, but it was nice to have him home.
 We decided to go eat lunch with our Shelb.  Someone packed his own lunch. Apparently he was going through frosted miniwheat withdrawal...he tried to pack a big container of them...but it wouldn't fit in our lunch bag...
 ....when we got to lunch, I saw what he had done....he had packed his mini wheats in 4 smaller containers so they would fit in the bag.  Genius! :)  He seriously cracks me up!
 Loved seeing this smiley girl. I realized today that in 9 days she will be 12.  Wow.  Of course, there was 6th gr. drama today....something over a teacher giving them all room detention bc they didn't hear him calling them in from their first recess.  Those girls were fired up about this.  Shelby does not like to be wrongly accused.  I really do think she would make a great lawyer.  :)
 Love these crazy kids!
 Off to Kroger we went. We jumped in full force today with stuff.  But this kid was just making me laugh. He was happy before we left for FL, but since we've been back, he seems to be happier.  He just laughs so much....mostly at me. I am funny :)
 Someone went to see Elephant and Piggie today (a kids theater field trip)....I would have loved to go, but no parents were allowed.  But apparently she dressed up like piggie (unintentionally) who wore all pink. She was proud of this.  And she brought home this awesome pinch pot she made with clay in art class.  This would make a great Mother's Day gift for an awesome mama of 5---hint hint :)
 Poor kid....another soccer canceled due to rain and wet fields.  He was bummed.
 Getting ready for her group 10 days!
 And someone had a long-awaited eye appt...she has been begging to have her eyes rechecked for 6 months it seems.  She cannot see, she claims...even with her old glasses.  But we had to wait til April when insurance would pay. was the day...of course, the day I was exhausted by mid-day and poor Kev had to watch the younger kids while he had the flu....but oh well.  My phone died there so I have no pics of the exam...but I do have this wide-eyed girl with scary big dilated eyes :)  She cannot wait to get new glasses!!  Good news is that her eye muscles don't look any worse.
And my poor bed....he is rarely sick, so this is a big bummer.  I am sure he didn't expect this today either.

But I tried to look at the silver lining in all this.  I am thankful I was home today....had I not been, Kev would have had to call in for back-up...Sue Sue or his parents for sure!  And as much as I hate to be thankful for rain and gloominess I am grateful soccer was canceled...there was no way I could get the kids to all their activities tonight with soccer in the mix.  But that being said...we are tired....I am tired.  I cannot wait for the weekend...and I hope my hubby is better soon.  Being back in Indiana is "great" :)