Monday, April 25, 2016

A beach day...a great way to spend our final FL day!

Well, our final FL day is here...and what better way to spend it than at one of my most fav. places---the beach!  It was a gorgeous day...perfect weather...and we had the best time just chillin' on Pompano Beach.  We buried this mama in the sand (and gave decorated her with shells :))...and we made Logan's sandcastle...a pretty cool place....and we looked and looked for was all about quantity not quality!  Good times...and great memories!  We wore the boy out so much that he fell asleep at the dinner table eating his easy mac.... So grateful for all this wonderful times with my boy and my parents...and time away from the crazy schedule of raising 5 kids.  But the time has come to go back to my family...and to help my sweet hubby out who has done an amazing job the last week.  Shelb even admitted tonight "dad did ok" :)  My response was that I should just stay another week til Nina flies in :)  I don't think the kids or Kev were keen on that. :)  So tomorrow we head home...back to the chaos.  Thank you, Nina and Pops for a wonderful was much-needed and brought peace to my usually cluttered brain.  And I think Lo even ended up liking being an only child for awhile :)   










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