Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A fabulous FL day!

What a wonderful day.  Laid back, yet full of fun.  I will try to add to this and yesterday's post later, but this laptop cannot handle any heat and is just dying over and over again.  So a few wordless pics is all I can do.  (I added some to yesterday's as well).  We had a grand ol' time at the splash pad at Pompano Beach and the pier too...and then in the pool again!  And a great evening of food and chatting with Auntie Mary and G-ma.  Loving this time with Nina and Pops...and Lo is in all his glory...he sure loves water! (and on a side note, Pop's new pet ducks sure love taunting him :))



Nancy Gritter said...

It was a PERFECT day!! Beautiful weather and so much fun watching Logan enjoy South Florida! Such a fun little man! We are lovin it! xo Nina

Sulu said...

I love seeing you guys hanging out in Pompano Beach and at La Casa de Gritter!! Girl, you are rocking that bikini after FIVE kids! Sheesh! Impressive! Love seeing you guys enjoy yourself at Ninner and Tom's... Brings back great memories. :-)