Saturday, April 16, 2016

A full, yet free Saturday!

 Well, it was a wonderful day in spite of missing two of my fav. boys (and my Hailey girl)....we made the best of it.  I will say, that I was not sure how the day would go given the night we had.  I had barely shut my eyes at 1am when I heard little footsteps in my room...and a little 3 year old snuggled up next to me. Sometimes this is ok, but that kid kicked me all night long...not a fun night.  I told Kev I don't sleep well in an empty bed, so I guess I set myself up for this.  But mini-Kev is not the same as the real thing :)  Plus Kev doesn't usually kick me all night :) :)
 Our fancy bfast....good ol' cin rolls.  Best invention.
 Someone had his first soccer game finally...last week was rained out.  And this week he was going to miss due to his campout, but he chose to come back for 30 mins of it.  I think the fav. part of his game was playing goalie. He loves that job.  He did let one go through though...I think that really made him mad.  He wouldn't talk to me after the game.
 It was a gorgeous day out...the sun was shining and almost 80 out.  Love it!  These two had fun playing a little ball of their own.
 Part soccer player, part ballerina?  Looks like cleats might be the new pointe shoe?  He has a little Ballanchine in him, I think :)    I am pretty sure this was the ball he knee-ed....
 I don't think he was happy to leave at half time, but he had to get back to camp to earn a cooking badge or something important.
 The two cub scout campers...back to roughing it!
 We had a request for tray-lunch again....and tv....why not!
 Then we basically spent the rest of the day outside....Shelby was off at a girl scout event in Indy...and we went for a walk.  Someone was fascinated by his shadow. He kept saying, "who is that?" :) haha :)
 So we took a 3-shadow pic :)
 Great day for a bike-scooter ride!
 Awww, loved this time with them.  Ash and Shelb both asked for friends to come over, but ya' know what....I am much happier just spending time with our family....this time is so precious and will be gone before you know it...
 She just loved chilling in the backyard in the shade...and, of course, what could be better than a popsicle too!
 He was so sweet...he kept serving me food from his restaurant and, of course, I had to be pay!
 We decided to play games outside too...we tried two card ones, but cards on bumpy grass, did not we opted for Frozen Trouble.  I almost fell asleep during it. It was so nice out and relaxing.
 Awww, so sweet...and it almost looks like we live in the country....just our piece of country in the city :)
 Looking back on the day, we had lots of cool-off treats....sherbet with a smile :)
 I think we did everything outside that we could today! lol! :)
 We even got to play on the school playground, since Shelb's GS troop was stuck in construction traffic.
 Look at our little cake decorator!  She ventured to Indy with her GS troop to Aunt Ruthie's cake decorating place and learned all about using frosting tips.  She did an awesome job on her tiny cake!
 So cute!  I think she did great!  I am not a fan of decorating with buttercream, bc I think fondant is just so much I admire cakes made only of buttercream.  Way to go, Shelb!
 We even made a special snack out of her fun snack book that she got at the book fair at school. She begged for this book and got it with her own money, and has been wanting to make food out of it for a long time.  It was garlic parmesan popcorn! Yumm!
 Our dinner picnic in the backyard...we even got out our picnic basket!  I think Sue Sue had given it to us many, many years ago....and we made our own menu of goodies....bagel pizzas, tacitos, the special popcorn, and apples (had to throw in something healthy :)).  And the free Mountain Dew we won at the school carnival last week.  Quite a fancy picnic!
 We had a special dessert of cookies from Sue Sue!
 Oh-the-talent...trying to toss food in our mouth....not her best quality obviously :)
 He learned to climb on top of the playhouse today...great.  He was proud of himself. 
 We played kickball!  I think mama won, but Lo was a close 2nd :)
 He didn't have much at our picnic dinner, but he did feast on boogars!  His fav!
 We went for a post-dinner run....thumbs up!  She is training for the cross country team at middle school!
 Another walk/jog!
 We were stinky and sweaty afterwards so we broke out the sprinkler!  LOL!  Go, Ash!
 Kinda blurry, but he was giddy over the sprinkler...I thought he'd hate it bc it was sorta cold water...but he loved it!
 No idea who thought up the umbrella idea, but they had a grand ol' time running through the sprinkler with them!
 Simple joys!
And, now here we sit....eating popcorn and watching High School Musical 2.  Waiting for our older boys to come home...they want a good night's sleep so they are leaving  camp once the campfire is done, I think.  I hope it is a restful night for all. zzzzzzzz

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