Sunday, April 24, 2016

A lovely laid back FL Sunday!

Well, Sundays are meant to be restful, lazy, do-nothing days.  This was just that!  The only thing that could have made it better was having my other 5 here to enjoy it...
We were up early to go to my old church. Lo was a trooper since there was no nursery.  He colored and played with his cars...
And back at home...we just hung out...first, Nina and I went through my gma Fergie's beautiful dishes...(so excited to have them in my new home soon...they mean so much to me!)...and then we hung out by the pool....played water balloons, ate treats, played noodle-war, and Lo even got me to jump in the pool again (brrr, cold...we need daddy for that sorta stuff unless it's summer!)...we even had a tea party and Pops was invited :)...and we ended the day going to gma's pool and having some swim lessons with Pops...there may have been a little teasing involved too (by Pops and Loggy)...and you can see who ended up in tears. :)  But he had spent 6 hours in the sun and pool...he was entitled.  He also ended up with an awful rash from the life jacket.  Poor kid.  He fell asleep on my lap facetiming his siblings.  
A full day....but a good one.  Kinda sad our time in FL is almost done...but it's hard enough being away from my New Yorker...and being away from my Indiana 4 for this long has been difficult too.  Almost time to get back to normal...but one more day of fun in the sun :)



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