Saturday, April 30, 2016

A rainy, lazy day...and a day of service...

 Well, one good thing about rain on a Saturday is that we get to sleep in!  And daddy and I did just that! YAY!  We needed it after this flu-ey week!  And I was smart and had Loggy pick out some donuts from Walmart so the kids just dug into those without needing help.  Poor D...he was bummed though...yet, another game canceled.  This rain is for the birds!
 I had the grand idea to let Lo play Play-doh.  Only thing is that I forgot what a trash heap our closet has become.  I couldn't find it.  I really needed to just clean out the closet...but I had no motivation today.  Rain does that to me.
 We did find our pooping-egg-hen from Easter...we love her! 
 And we did finally find our play-doh...Lo was thrilled...and daddy even sat down to heeeeelp him!
 Someone was elated to play catch-up with 1.5 hours of violin practice.  She is now officially signed up to play at IU this summer. We will see how that goes and if we sign her up for fall. 
 We found a recipe in a Kroger ad for soup...and rainy days are good soup days, so we had a nice lunch. We need to learn to make soup though. This wasn't the best.  We left out most of the good ingredients bc we only had scraps laying around.  Kev wasn't happy with the taste. He has a fussy palate though. I just eat to survive.
 My boys making play-doh teeth :) 
 Shelb eating lunch and picking out a bday smoothie from the "smoothie Bible". She also attempted to pick out her bday cake ideas...hmmm...we'll see if mama can pull together a cake this week. Feeling not-so-motivated.
 And the fun part of our day was helping out at the Girl Scout Pantry.  One of our local GS troops started this food pantry in November....located in the back of a church near us.  Our Daisy troop has looked forward to this event all year bc our focus is on community service.  And this day exceeded our expectation. What a cool place and so many wonderful people giving to the community.  I think my fav. part was meeting the people who came.  I walked many of them out to their cars carrying their food...they were all so sweet. One lady told me how young I looked and to tell my husband :)  haha :) Ash loved it. She helped stock the shelves...
 All the girls loved it...
 And she loved bagging the food...she could now officially work at Kroger :)
 All the girls did awesome...they worked 3.5 hours and never complained...they loved it! 
 They even helped organize things in the back.  Such a cool place. We ended up serving 234 people in our community.  It was the 2nd highest day the pantry had had.  Very cool. 
 And the lady in charge gave our girls each a pantry patch.  Ash loved it!
 And daddy was sweet enough to make dinner for us after I dropped off Shelb at a party.  Daddy is using some tough love though...he is insisting Logan have a plateful of everything we are eating even if he does not eat it.  This did not go over well with Lo.
 A heart-breaking face (and a glare at daddy)...all over a hotdog on his plate.
And apparently daddy needs instruction putting on diapers....looks like we had an animal have a few accidents in our house...but was Lo.  Maybe he will potty train soon....or someday....

That is the life of the Stegs this Sat.  Nothing too exciting...lots of talk about our long "to do" list and talk about the house and Boston and a chat with our Hailey (who is at the ballet tonight again...lucky girl!)....but pretty much nothing accomplished.  Oh well. I am really learning to have no expectations lately. Makes me feel much better about the outcome of each day! :)

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