Friday, April 1, 2016

A Sweet 16th with Friends!

 Another day, another Sweet 16th party!  The joke is that by the time she leaves on Sunday, she will have celebrated 16 times.  haha :)  But can you really ever celebrate a bday too much...especially the 16th one!?  I think not!  Anyway....I will post more another day, but I was up at 3am...wide awake.  And something possessed me to make a cake.  I really was not going to make one for this party (just have brownies...which we did)  I did it all in 3 hrs...cake, fondant, all of it...that is a record.  It was nothing fancy, but I was trying out some new tools and I just had fun with it. Ok, fun is not the word...especially when lack of sleep is involved. It's a bit of a blingy cake, but it worked for the black and gold theme and our NYC classy gal :)
 Hailey picked the friend outing place....Bubs it was!  Burgers and ice cream....what could be better?!  They are a great group of friends!  And the friends actually liked my photo booth props.  Hailey rolls her eyes every time I bring them out....honestly I think she'd love them if they were from anyone but me.  But it matters not to me....I like them and I am using them!
Lo fit right in with the gang. He loves Audrey, so he was a magnet to her.  We had a nice quadruple 16th celebration since all the girls did or are going to celebrate soon!  What a great group of 16 year olds!  Happy 16th once again, Hays!  Only one celebration to go...

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