Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another Friendly 16th Celebration!

 One final Bloomy celebration in honor of our "Sweet" girl :)  This time it was all her ballet buds...more showed up than I thought (which was great!), so my table decorations didn't really pan out....but oh well!  They had fun and some yummy food at Noodles. I love that this place has a free room in the back to use.  Bonus for our big group!
 They all amused me and used the photo props...though I realized after that I forgot my fav. 16th props on the table.  Hailey would say "serves you right for making me do this!" :)
 I think this was my fav. shot of the evening...hahahaha :) 
And my beautiful 16 year old...and a sad little cake.  I did something I have not done before and recycled a cake.  I covered up the candle holes with frosting and took the top layer off the cake from yesterday.  And made a mini banner. Whalah!  A cute lil' cake...and I had cheesecakes for the girls...

It was a fun evening. I wish Kev and I could have made a date out of it (or that I had remembered it was free ice cream at Brusters if the kids wore pjs...but oh all worked out and I just sat by my lonesome outside the conference room while the girls celebrated)  More pics of this fun week to come, but I have got to get this tired mama brain to bed....waking up at 5:30am to get our girl to the airport is going to be stinky!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Bye Hays!!!! Love your haircut! Looks awesome! Have a good flight back to NYC! Love ya! Nina