Monday, April 4, 2016

Back to our normal (Hailey-less) routine...

 Well, we were back at it today...without our NYC girl.  This is ok, but it's just an adjustment being back in the normal routine. But it was a good, lazier day. This is always a bonus.  Especially bc Monday nights are very busy.  Lo and I had our morning nachos.  I promise I won't keep posting nacho pics every week, but his face just looked so sweet in this one...and we took it for Hayeee...bc we missed her.  Lo kept wanting to go wake her up...but alas her room was empty :(
 So instead he laid in his sunny spot in the sun room...and played with his ship and truck....he loves to tie things together lately and pull them.
 We played a little hide-n-seek...his fav. game!
 Then we went outside to enjoy the sunshine....and play tee-ball!
 The kid loves t-ball.  I want to sign him up, but not sure we need one more thing to do and also not sure a kid in diapers should be playing t-ball....but look at how his face lights up. And he's pretty good at it too!
 Though somethings his swing is a little off :)
 We went to the playground was a little too chilly though, so we didn't stay long.
 He kept asking for "one more time" down the slide...
 He's too cute to tell him "no"sometimes :)
 We raced back...Thomas and Loggy won!  I wish Hays could have done some outdoor stuff with us last week, but we just ran out of time...or she was sick.  Oh well...maybe in August!
 Finally...a nap. He hasn't had a nap in his bed in a month or two.  It was nice....for both of us...though he woke up incredibly grumpy.
 The gymnast posing...and her friend from last week officially joined her class...yay!
 She is getting good at the balance beam...I admire this bc I stink at balancing.
 Off to Girl Scouts...she is planning out her silver's a big deal.
D hard at work at soccer, it was cooooold out there today!  I only stood out there for 5 mins.

That was our "back to the routine" day.  Missing our Hays...but I know she was back at her normal routine today too.  My new routine will be day-time my post may no longer be current.  Sorry for this, but I need to be shutting down my brain before evening time.  Sleep is becoming too important.

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