Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back to reality...just not the reality I had hoped for...

Well, it was back at it today. I must admit, I was ok with that. I rarely feel refreshed and ready to tackle life, but FL gave me that rest I needed.  My parents gave me that rest.  So I was ready to jump back in today.  But not so ready to wake up to a husband with the flu. I am not sure he even realized he had it. But he almost burned me with his skin before my alarm went off.  Seriously, he was a fireball this morning.  I think he was still planning to go to work too...but I nipped that in the bud.  So thankfully he spent the whole day in bed....and I tackled the day...I was ok with that (at first) was my turn to tackle things...and let my man rest....(though resting with the flu was not my hope for him....)
 Lo and I headed to our ol' stompin' grounds.  It was not our normal Tuesday event, but at least they had story hour Wednesday.  He was not gung ho...I think part of him still wants to be in FL too....but we dug back into our life regardless...we picked out some books....
 We really got into the fact we didn't even do the train table right away....the puzzles were top priority!  And Pops would have been proud...Lo decided to mix up all the pieces....and then put them in the right puzzles.  Pops used to do this for me when I was little....I was a puzzle genius back then! 
 We were not so sure about Story Hour.  We clung to mama.  Mama didn't mind :)
 We did finally hang at the ol' train table....but there were train bullies.  There's always some kind of man-drama at the train table! 
 We watched some movies from the library while mommy took care of daddy or rather napped with him for 30 mins.  I could have napped all was a gloomy day....I hated that he was sick, but it was nice to have him home.
 We decided to go eat lunch with our Shelb.  Someone packed his own lunch. Apparently he was going through frosted miniwheat withdrawal...he tried to pack a big container of them...but it wouldn't fit in our lunch bag...
 ....when we got to lunch, I saw what he had done....he had packed his mini wheats in 4 smaller containers so they would fit in the bag.  Genius! :)  He seriously cracks me up!
 Loved seeing this smiley girl. I realized today that in 9 days she will be 12.  Wow.  Of course, there was 6th gr. drama today....something over a teacher giving them all room detention bc they didn't hear him calling them in from their first recess.  Those girls were fired up about this.  Shelby does not like to be wrongly accused.  I really do think she would make a great lawyer.  :)
 Love these crazy kids!
 Off to Kroger we went. We jumped in full force today with stuff.  But this kid was just making me laugh. He was happy before we left for FL, but since we've been back, he seems to be happier.  He just laughs so much....mostly at me. I am funny :)
 Someone went to see Elephant and Piggie today (a kids theater field trip)....I would have loved to go, but no parents were allowed.  But apparently she dressed up like piggie (unintentionally) who wore all pink. She was proud of this.  And she brought home this awesome pinch pot she made with clay in art class.  This would make a great Mother's Day gift for an awesome mama of 5---hint hint :)
 Poor kid....another soccer canceled due to rain and wet fields.  He was bummed.
 Getting ready for her group 10 days!
 And someone had a long-awaited eye appt...she has been begging to have her eyes rechecked for 6 months it seems.  She cannot see, she claims...even with her old glasses.  But we had to wait til April when insurance would pay. was the day...of course, the day I was exhausted by mid-day and poor Kev had to watch the younger kids while he had the flu....but oh well.  My phone died there so I have no pics of the exam...but I do have this wide-eyed girl with scary big dilated eyes :)  She cannot wait to get new glasses!!  Good news is that her eye muscles don't look any worse.
And my poor bed....he is rarely sick, so this is a big bummer.  I am sure he didn't expect this today either.

But I tried to look at the silver lining in all this.  I am thankful I was home today....had I not been, Kev would have had to call in for back-up...Sue Sue or his parents for sure!  And as much as I hate to be thankful for rain and gloominess I am grateful soccer was canceled...there was no way I could get the kids to all their activities tonight with soccer in the mix.  But that being said...we are tired....I am tired.  I cannot wait for the weekend...and I hope my hubby is better soon.  Being back in Indiana is "great" :)

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