Friday, April 8, 2016

Ballet Genes

 Ok, so the heading is a joke.  Hailey did not get her ballet genes from me. Thankfully the apple fell far from my non-coordinated tree!  I like to think the genes skipped 2 generations and came from my Grandma Fergie. I think she liked to dance (though not sure she ever took ballet), but she seemed to have art just flowing through her veins.  Anyway....just thought I'd post a couple pics of me in my ballet years.  I think I only danced for 2 or 3 years and once I got to pointe I noticed how badly my feet looked and I called it quits!  But here's a few cute pics of my recital costume. I think I was "sunshine" or something like that in Hansel and Gretal?  All I know is I was bummed I didn't get the rainbow costume like some of my friends did. I was not a fan of yellow.  But this costume stood the test of girls all got to wear it.  Would you call that hand a Balanchine hand?  Not close at all, I know. I did not miss my calling there. :)
And me by the stage door before a performance, I think.  I would guess it's Nutcracker, but not sure.  Nice flower pants.  I might not have been a good dancer, but at least I had style! haha :)

It's fun to reminisce and I hope this shows Hailey that someday she'll appreciate all the pics I take (or took)...most likely now I will never get a pic of her in a costume...or at least one taken by me. :( 

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