Saturday, April 23, 2016

Enjoying the FL sights, the big poop for Pops, ballet with my mama and delicious food!

Well, I am too pooped to add words...but this is the picture-filled/word-less post...of our lovely FL Saturday....someone slept in his own bed ALL night for the first time here...yay!  Thank you, Lein and kiddos...we need to play with you more often!  We had a lovely bfast at Pop's fav. hangout...Chick-fila....him and his special meal (that's not even on the menu) and his tobasco sauce that we had to drive home to get.  Good ol' Pops...  and then he took us to the Hillsboro inlet area where we watched fish, fed pelicans and watched the FL sights.  Fun!  Nina and I headed out to the ballet (yay for Cinderella!) and Pops had another fun afternoon with his part of which was the poop rolling out of his bathing suit.  Nice.  But we found the sweet boy sound asleep on the recliner when we got home. Pops did good...he got his 5-day-late poop out and he got him to nap.  Bonus!  And we finished off the evening with one of the best meals made my a NYC chef, who is my Aunt and g-ma's neighbor. What a treat.  Great times with great family.  So blessed.  Just wish my other 5 were here to enjoy it too.  I miss them!  They worked all day doing chores in IN...and I know my Hays had a picnic with friends in Central it's time for this mama to get some zzzzz's!









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