Thursday, April 21, 2016

Butterfly World...and our first tick....ick

 Well, another fun day in sunny south Fl!  This time it was a day spent with Auntie Mary...and another wonderful adventure at one of our fav. places--Butterfly World!  Love this place.  So blessed to be able to visit here so often.  Lo was really excited about it...but by the time he went he was a little grumpy and very I am not sure he enjoyed it all as much as we had hoped. But it was a gorgeous day and we had fun enjoying the butterflies, larakeets and apparently Lo loved the bees (I don't remember seeing any, but he insisted he did...and his fav. thing about B-world was the green butterfly below) :)  Anyway...a great day...I wish I could write more, but this computer without my tray under it does not allow for typing more than 5mins w/o overheating.  I will say that Lo was in rare form on the way home from B-world so he bought himself a time-out and then a nap...and since he napped he got a little pool time after.  He cannot get enough water-time!  Then it was off to Great-gma's and Aunt Mary's for the most delicious dinner. I think Stomboli's may be up there with fondue for me.  Awesome meal.  And while there I discovered Lo had his first tick. Ugh. Poor kid.  Pops and I did minor surgery and got rid of that bug.  And we ended the night talking to all our fav. people in IND and NYC....feeling blessed by wonderful family time...but also exhausted....time for bed....zzzzz

 (one of my fav. pics of the day...this butterfly landed on me....he was so sweet...we named him Morty....he had an injured wing and stayed on my shoulder for quite some time :))


 (hairy ball tree/bush...I kid you not...this is what it was the kid of greenery everyone needs at their home!)

 Might be why Pops had poop all over his back....

 Pop's new friends came to visit again.... :) :)


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