Thursday, April 14, 2016

Camp Emma Lou!

 Well, I had the lovely opportunity of going with my Shelby on her final field trip of her elementary career today.  And we actually went to the neatest place...Camp Emma Lou here in Monroe County.  Such a neat story behind this place...created by a major league baseball player (Scott Rolen) for special needs kids/families.  A very cool story...and an amazing way to bless families. And they are also blessing 6th grade MCCSC (our public schools) with the opportunity to learn team building here.  It was a wonderful field trip and a great way to end 6th grade.  And we were very blessed by the perfect weather too!  Had it been last week, it would have been a bit soggy.  God was shining down on us!  I loved spending the day with my middle we are on the rowdy bus ride there...just chillin!
 LOL...I cracked Shelb up today with my panoramics...bc each time I took them it warped her face.  Here is Scott Rolen telling us his story.  The kids loved knowing a place like this was set up by a guy that played for 4 major league baseball teams!
 First team building activity happened to be run by one of our best friends, Julia!  (one of Hailey's oldest friends from preschool)  And she had quite the tennis arm for hitting the ball at our kiddos :) 
 Shelb's fav. sport...kickball!  Not. She dislikes playing, but it was actually fun to play on this cool astroturf stuff.  Go, Shelb!
 Shelb and Kaci by the pond.  Love all these sweet friends we have...hope they stay close even in middle school!
 Fishing!  Pops in FL would be proud!  She did pretty good casting out that line.
 She was a very patient fisher-woman.  I sent this pic to Pops telling him that she was now ready to fish for sharks in August when we go to the panhandle!  She didn't catch any catfish, but she only fished for 5 mins.   (and they made them wear the life vests...Shelb does know how to swim :))
 Of course the kid after Shelb caught the one fish of the group.  He apparently is the braggart of the group so this was fitting :)  I was impressed by Shelb's teacher...she just grabbed that fish and de-hooked it!
 This also has a cool story behind it.  Tyler's Treehouse...created by a 9 year old with Leukemia...he actually gave money himself to have it built and then people like Peyton Manning also contributed.  Very neat.
 It was like a huge castle built amongst the trees.  The pics don't do it justice. It was huge!
 Our group lining up to do the scavenger hunt.
 I wanted to get a cute pic of them on their final field trip, but they wanted a this is that :)
 And, of course, I get "the look" too :)  Love that!
I wish I had gotten a better pic of the plaque with the writing...I love it.  Two heroes....
Shelb coming up the rock wall. This is the coolest treehouse ever!
And then...we took a fun little hayride down to the best barn ever....
Full of Shelb's fav. animal...Llamas!! And alpacas, emus and mini cool!  Is this not the cutest llama?  Or maybe it's an alpaca? I can't remember.
This one was had been born here, I think...4 years ago and was so sweet...and had one blue eye and one brown.  It loved to eat and be social. 
I love that we could feed them.  So cute.
I laughed bc that one while llama was in the back of all our photos...he was quite the photobomber!
Tee cute!
Selfie with llamas...what could be better?
Me and my llama, me and my llama...going to the dentist today...wasn't that on Sesame Street in the 80's?
hahaha...Shelb hates this pic, but I love it.  I wanted to get a pano of the barn and llamas, but when you add people in the pic, it just warps them. Poor Shelb's face! :)
llama kisses....sorta cute.
Scary Emu...not a fan...seems like a mean prehistoric animal...and its eggs looked like that big green avocados...or dinosaur eggs.
Chillin' on the hayride back....Just call me Mrs. Stegs of the Purple Petunia group!  Oh sweet that it was beating down on us! Such a perfect weather-day!
This was Shelb's least fav. station....pictionary...but she was awesome at it!
These were funny team-building activities.  They had to get all 10 of them on a rock.  Not as easy as it looks!  Not sure why Shelb's arm is in the air?
Also funny....trying to get in alphabetical name order w/o talking or falling off.
Our Summit 6th graders.  Such a cool place to have their final field trip...This is the main lodge area...
This is a view of the pond area and the 4 cabins there.  It was a good day!  I was blessed to be able to take part in it.  Love this 6th grader...but how in the world did her elementary years go by so fast?!
And Loggy had a great day with Nina Stegs...they played and read and went to McD's and had "fresh fries" ...and of course watched a little Scooby!
And Nina must have played hard...bc he was out like a light on the way to school pick-up
And I haven't seen many tulips this year yet...I normally scope them out for Easter, but it was too dang early this year.  So on the way home from dropping Shelb at core group I spotted some at the bank...I had to take a pic...I just love tulips.  My fav. flower! 

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