Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Foot loose and fancy free in FL




Well, we are here...in the land of sunshine, pools and beaches!  So glad to be here. It was a busy day of flying. Lo was a whole different traveler than I expected. He gives me glimpses often of what Kev's parents went through with him. But overall he did ok. And he has been go-go-going til he got here. He was out by the pool in no time and had fallen in almost right away. Thankfully he had his lifevest on. It's amazing to me how occupied children can be with water. And how tired it makes them. Almost makes me want to dig a pool in our backyard!  He is sound asleep in my arms now. And I'm soon to follow. Hopefully I can add pics tomorrow when I get my laptop set up. Posting from a phone is tedious!

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Nancy Gritter said...

YIPPEE!!!! So GLAD you both are here! Going to be a wonderful week!! xoxoxo Nina