Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Home again, home again jiggedy jig?! :)

Well, I had hoped to get this post done earlier and before I was wiped out for the day, but that just didn't happen....so here we are.  I am tired. We are back to reality.  I will add commentary to this tomorrow hopefully, but I just wanted to say....
We are home.
Glad to be back with my 4 Indiana guys and girls that I love so much...
But boy am I missing my nice FL sun and warmth and blue skies. Tonight we have hail and thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Remind me why I live in Indiana?  Anyway....but I just have to say again what a wonderful time we had in Fl with my fam...the perfect mix of family and relaxation...and some wonderful one on one time with my Loggy.  We made some great memories and had some good laughs.  I actually think he came back to Indiana thinking I was some awesome comedian. He laughed at me a good portion of the way home. :)  I love his laugh.  Thanks, Nina and Pops for a wonderful trip...and I hope Nina is feeling better!




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Nancy Gritter said...

It was the best week ever! So many good times and the best laughs! 😆💗 That last panoramic pic of the beach says it all for me! Sunny,
warm, waves rolling in, the shells there for the picking( and memories of you and my Mom picking shells on the beach so long ago). Logees happy,smiley face and ecstatic laugh! It's etched in my mind forever...and the laughing on the beach...good for the soul! 😁😍😘 great pics all week on the blog! A wonderful summary of our special week! XO Mom