Sunday, April 10, 2016

Learning to Love Laziness!

Well, we are learning to embrace something new in the Steg house.  It is called Laziness.  Or if you want it to sound better we will call it "embracing down time" :)  
This weekend, we had lots to do. Maybe too much.  A soccer game got canceled.  Sad for Dylan, but good for us.  One thing that we didn't have to do.  But the better part of that we had lots of things on our "to-do" list and we did none of them. We didn't assemble a desk, we didn't assemble a book shelf or put up a tv...we didn't do chores (bathrooms are growing stuff!)....we didn't even do the necessary things like dishes and laundry.  We just set it all aside to recup, to do stuff we wanted, to do nothing.

 Here are the kids doing nothing...playing Wii and gazing at the I-pad.
 Logan has an idea....let's do dishes...or not....I didn't touch them for 2 days--2 days.  Our dishwasher usually has to be run daily.
But, "so what!" about all that stuff...I got to spend time my hubby...a lot. I got to lay and watch movies/Netflix in bed with him...for hours (daytime hours!) I even fell asleep today after church and took a nap (though I did miss the Moby Dick movie!)  Sometimes we all need lazy days...days that we chose to do nothing...and to be ok with it.  I hope we have more weekends like this....

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Anonymous said...

SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES to more days like THAT!! It was GREAT talking to everyone and listening to Shelby play her awesome solo!! Good talking with you too Kelly! Have a good week! Love Ya, Mom