Monday, April 11, 2016

Looking forward to lazier Mondays...

 Well, all I can say about this Monday, is that I have one more to go like it and I am done!  I will be signing off as Girl Scout leader in one month.  Hurrah!  I hate to say that I don't like something, but my heart has just not been in it this year and I have been a tad bit overworked (only having one other co-leader and also having to be cookie mom...on top of Ashley actually not liking it)...well, it just made it not a rewarding experience for me. Sad, but true.  A year ago I would have never breathed a word of this...but I am starting to be honest with myself about things I don't like and starting to be more selfish with my time.  So I am proud of myself for admitting this.  I am a pleaser so this is hard for me! today was a means to an more meeting left in May and we are done!  I spent the better part of my day planning out the meeting since my co-leader was not able to be there.  One good thing about this is that I made the last of my bday returns.  Since I am admitting things today, you should probably know that I am the queen of returns!  I return stuff to just about it was the dollar store!  Yep, they probably know me by name. I blame this trait on my mom...she gave me the "return gene" :)  Here is Logan with my the same time he also spotted a Mickey balloon!
 Very glum about another rainy day.  This rainy April has stunk!  The only good thing about it is that it makes napping easier, but we couldn't even nap today thanks to GS. Poo!
 I decided to do a first aid unit for our Daisies.  And to make it fun I made these...can you tell what they are?  Bandaids (bloody ones...haha)  They loved them!
 My helper.  He truly is my heeeeelper (as he calls himself)  I love this kid. He just jumps right up next to me when I make something in the kitchen. 
 Melts my heart!
 He was proud of his bloody bandaids :)
 I had 30 mins to spare after my GS planning and we just sat...he cuddled and we watched Scooby.
 He was out like a light once we were in the van.  I could have been too. 
And someone is getting good at her bridges...or walking bridges...or whatever they are called. 

And I made it through my GS meeting intact. Barely.  Those girls were hyped and would not listen.  I am so ready to cross that thing off my list.  I am ready to sleep....zzzzz

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