Monday, April 18, 2016

Mondays stink...good thing Tuesday I'll be in FL!

 Well, this Monday wore me out...most Mondays do, but this was service was over the top for this mama!  I am so worn out, I just hope I stay asleep on the flight tomorrow.  I am ready to head to bed, but here's the last of my pics for awhile. Not sure I will be able to blog from FL so it might be a week of no posts.  I could go for that.  It is time-consuming to do this and I am just ready to rest.  Lo watched Scooby today...maybe he was scared...bc he clutched D's nerf gun tightly...ready to help Scooby ward off bad guys, I guess?!
 He was my store helper...he could probably work at Sam's if he wasn't in diapers :)  He is very good at scanning things....and also very good at credit card readers :)
 We ate lunch with older bro....he is a goofball at lunch...he teased us with his food and was full of energy as usual :)
 He especially teased us with his wafers. We love wafers. 
 I took the worst pics today...totally blurry.  That was fitting considering my day seemed like a blurrrrrr....
 We were all packed early....Lo was my packing buddy.
 Of course tonight I found out my bag has to weight 40lds and not 50. Grrrr. Repacking stinks!
 Ash--my gymnastics star :)
 Lo made a pictures for his Hayeeee and I accidentally threw it out...sorry, Hays :(
 Love this girl...she has been working hard at a couple gymnastics things...she talked about this non-stop on all my taxiiing was cute.  As much as I razz her about not working hard on some things...she really is a lot like Hailey when it comes to self-motivation....she just has to be interested in those things ( being a slob does not interest her :)) 
My point exactly... I went out to watch Dylan at soccer (blue shirt in the back)...and Ash was practicing her "fall back bridge"...

That was part of our day...I was too busy the rest of it to take pics.  I almost wish I had one more day to just recup before traveling... to clean my house and leave it more organized for Kev...but hopefully tomorrow once we get to FL we can veg a bit and poor Kev will have time on the weekend to make the kids clean this house! I am ready to just be there and enjoy some free time and no crazy schedule.  And I know Lo is ready to fly!  He cannot wait to be on an airplane...and to see Nina and Pops soon!  But I will miss my hubs, and my kiddos...and maybe I will even miss the rat-race...ok, not that, but I will miss my family....wish they could go with us, but I know this one-on-one time will be good for Lo and I! the Sunshine State we go!

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