Friday, April 8, 2016

More Winter Ball pics

 Sorry for all the random posts, but this is how my brain works lately.  I was closing a browser just now and somehow came across a lady's blog who goes to the SAB Winter Ball every year. She took this pic this year of the SAB girls and it just so happened to have Hailey in it (and looking and smiling :))  I love it.  I am guessing this is before the dance, but maybe it's after.  Anyway...I love random pics like this that I didn't expect to find.
 These were on Hailey's iphone.  No idea where she got them, but they are also fun pics.  She is in the center.
 And on the far right center
 and far right again...
 Flowers her roommate and friends gave her for her performance. So sweet!  I had thought to do this, but flowers are so expensive to send and they just die a few days later....but the ones from the corner bodegas are super cheap and beautiful!
 Love the flowers and her neighboring buildings behind them...I know she doesn't always love the city, but there is just something about it that I love. Better than gloomy Bloomy at least today!
And just found this in my instagram post of the evening...wish I could have been there or at least been a fly on the wall!

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